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Susanne is an Interior Designer that will help you Fall in love again with your home and be able to sit back and truly relax in your sanctuary.
Susanne always starts out the new year by previewing what is shown in the European markets. As you may not know yet, the NEW colors do not follow the apparel market choices any more, but in turn are all decided on together. Whatever apparel is doing so is the furniture and accessory market doing as far as color. Our design philosophy consists of being up to date with all the latest trends, and mediums that are upcoming, not only in the construction of your home, but in the interior decor as well. When I am involved in design and decorating of a home, I want it to be new, fresh and different, reflecting the personality of the homeowners, not their neighbors. By the time that materials and trends sometimes show in certain areas, it is usually late and ready for new trends to appear. I recommend that you take the time to to scroll through the many pages of my website.

If you are building a new home this year, or would simply like to "freshen up" your home with a few new ideas, I would welcome the opportunity to help you. Please contact me below for a CONSULTATION.

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