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The DP line of pressure sensors offers self contained and separate head types for maximum versatility in your pressure sensing applications.

    SUNX DP-100PANASONIC SUNX DP-100 Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensors
SUNX DPC  PANASONIC SUNX DPC/DPH-100 Digital Pressure Sensor 
SUNX DP-2    PANASONIC SUNX DP-2 High-performance Digital Pressure Sensor                                                

 SUNX DP-M PANASONIC SUNX DP-M Differential Pressure Sensor

SUNX FM-200 PANASONIC SUNX FM-200  Digital Air Flow Sensor  

Legacy Products (Discontinued) - SUNX recommends one of their newer products listed above for the following products:
SUNX DP-3SUNX DP-3 Digital Pressure Sensor with Auto-reference Function
SUNX DP-4 SUNX DP-4 Compact Size Digital Pressure Sensor
SUNX DP-5 SUNX DP-5 Head-separated Digital Pressure Sensor 
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