Panasonic SUNX Safety Light Curtains
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 PANASONIC SUNX safety light curtains offer up to category 4 protection and are suitable for all your machine safeguarding needs.

Offering units with no dead zone detection and built-in muting and blanking functions, we can provide you with a solution that is tailored to the needs of your machine. Explore the models listed below to find the best light curtain for your needs.

SUNX SF4BPANASONIC SUNX SF4B Version 2 - Type 4 Light Curtain
SUNX SF4BPANASONIC SUNX SF4B-G Robust IP67 Type 4 Light Curtain

SUNX SF2BPANASONIC SUNX SF2B Type 2 Safety Light Curtain

SUNX SF2-APANASONIC SUNX SF4C Type 4 Ultra Slim Light Curtain


Legacy Products (Discontinued) - SUNX recommends one of their newer products listed above for the following products:

SNX SF4-AHSUNX SF4-AH Small Light Curtain
SUNX SF2-EHSUNX SF2-EH  Robust Light Curtain


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