West Virginia Lottery
Table Games Election Results

Total Yes: 6338*

Total No: 4377*


*The precinct totals below reflect the unofficial results, and not the accumulative totals above which were certified at canvass. There were 59 additional Yes votes and 34 additional No votes counted at canvass, which are not included in the individual precinct totals.

                          Total Yes:       6279         
                          Total No:         4343
Precinct 2:            Wright Denny Elementary School
                            Total Yes: 205         Total No:  112
Precinct 3:            Charles Town Baptist Church
                            Total Yes:  275        Total No:  211
Precinct 4A:          Charles Town Middle School
                            Total Yes:   277       Total No:  129
Precinct 4B:          Charles Town Middle School
                            Total Yes:   253       Total No:  144
Precinct 6:            Senior Center
                            Total Yes:   92       Total No:  35
Precinct 7:            Ranson Elementary School
                            Total Yes:   214       Total No:   89
Precinct 12:          Jefferson High School
                            Total Yes:   257      Total No:  170
Precinct 13A:        CW Shipley Elementary School
                            Total Yes:    159      Total No: 154
Precinct 13B:        CW Shipley Elementary School
                            Total Yes:    121      Total No: 127
Precinct 14:          Camp Hill Weley Methodist Church
                            Total Yes:    31      Total No:   74
Precinct 15:          Harpers Ferry Middle School
                           Total Yes:  134        Total No:  110
Precinct 16:          Oakland United Methodist Church
                            Total Yes:  163         Total No:  129
Precinct 17:           Blue Ridge Mountain Fire Hall
                            Total Yes:   163       Total No:  113
Precinct 19:          St. Johns Episcopal Church
                            Total Yes:   121       Total No:   93
Precinct 20:          Kabletown Methodist Church
                           Total Yes:   176       Total No:  139
Precinct 21A:       Blue Ridge Elementary School
                           Total Yes:  163        Total No:   109
Precinct 21B:       Blue Ridge Elementary School
                           Total Yes:   157       Total No:   88
Precinct 22A:       Washington High School
                           Total Yes:   206       Total No:  121
Precinct 22B:       Washington High School
                           Total Yes:    240      Total No:   93
Precinct 23A:       Country Day School
                           Total Yes:  281        Total No:  105
Precinct 23B:       Country Day School
                           Total Yes:   351       Total No:  119
Precinct 25A:       South Jefferson Elementary School
                           Total Yes:   178       Total No:  141
Precinct 25B:       South Jefferson Elementary School
                           Total Yes:   154       Total No:  108
Precinct 26:         Leetown Methodist Church
                          Total Yes:  276        Total No:  162
Precinct 27:         North Jefferson Elementary
                          Total Yes:   196       Total No:  182
Precinct 28:        First Baptist Church
                          Total Yes:   242       Total No:  143
Precinct 31:        Covenant Baptist Church
                          Total Yes:  258        Total No:  249
Precinct 32:        Bethel United Methodist Church
                         Total Yes:  233        Total No:  261
Precinct 33:        Trinity Episcopal Church
                          Total Yes:   108       Total No:  103
Precinct 34:       Shepherdstown Elementary School
                         Total Yes:   221       Total No:  224
Precinct 35A:     Shepherdstown Fire Hall
                         Total Yes:  173        Total No:  165
Precinct 35B:     Shepherdstown Fire Hall
                         Total Yes:  201        Total No:   141

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