We prefer not using an automated shopping cart because we believe it's best to learn from you... A brief conversation could save us both some time and help us find you the most appropriate product for your specific needs.

Besides, the last thing we want is an unhappy customer, perhaps due to wrong assumptions that could've been easily straightened out beforehand. Our light electric vehicles (LEV's) are designed to provide a minimum power "assist", to keep weight and costs low. This means an electric tricycle customer in a hilly or windy area (perhaps someone partly disabled or with less physical stamina) will require something different than an "Olympic athlete" seeking a similar vehicle. We have a variety of LEV choices to satisfy most needs!

Customers might also have unrealistic expectations of how much power or light to expect from our wind generators or solar-tracking skylights--all depending on wind speeds, the building's orientation, and other variables. There may also be misconceptions regarding total costs to implement energy saving/producing devices...some are more long term than others.


Please call our toll free line for more information and pricing:
(888) 522-8513, or (415) 564-6378 when calling from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Anyone using a cell phone...many messages have arrived "garbled" or even cut off. It helps to state your phone number twice...and feel free to call us back if we don't answer your message!!

When posting an e-mail inquiry, we'll respond at our earliest convenience. Sometimes it takes longer than we would prefer. Sometimes inquiries never arrive, or our responses get lost in the great digital abyss. At times so many inquiries land in our e-mail box we cannot answer them all promptly...so PLEASE feel free to send a short follow-up e-mail, or call back if you need a more rapid response, or think you've been neglected.

Thank you.

The Electroportal Staff

REFUND POLICY: Thirty (30) day money-back guarantee to our customers (minus shipping and 10% re-stocking fee)--providing the goods are returned in the original unused condition.