Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

Preparations for an International Move?

Gina's house in Titusville, Florida
So... reality is that you love plants - all kinds of plants. And in the span of five years, it seems you have totally filled up the rather small yard of your Florida home.

And the other reality is that you have decided the expat life might just be for you - and after spending some time in Ecuador, this is where you think you might want to be!
Backyard with patio and pond
Less grass... more fruits, flowers, etc,

Bananas, papayas, avocados, mangos, all kinds of hot peppers..... and even a couple pineapples.

And flowers.... bougainvillea, bromeliads, plumeria (frangipangi), hibiscus, and cannas. And if you're in need of some soothing aloe vera - Gina's house is where you head!

But what happens when you really do run out of room to add anything else? And you keep thinking about those beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.... Guess it's time to make a new plan!

Must be time to put the house up for sale!
Bananas, sugar cane, and more
So the end of August, 2016, we did just that. Having known Toni Pastermack, (our realtor), for many years... Doug introduced me to her, and we immediately knew that she was the best choice. So we turned it over to her.
Click here to see the listing photos.

But then what happens? October comes, and so does Hurricane Matthew.....
FUN!........ Yeah, right!

Putting up hurricane shutters
With the help of Gina's brother, Rex, and our neighbor, Ralph, we got the hurricane shutters in place. Boy, they sure beat the heck out of the old-fashioned masking tape on the windows or trying to fit them with plywood! Times have certainly changed since we grew up in Florida....

Hurricane Shutters Up
But we survived Matthew just fine - had to prop up an avocado tree and some bougainvillea blown by the wind, but no serious damage.

After Christmas, showings of the house seemed to pick up, and by February we had several offers! We were able to sell the house to a lady who been looking for just what our house had to offer, and she even liked the goldfish in the pond - so we happily welcomed her to enjoy the home as much as we had! We closed on March 20th, and are now ready to start our

But first.... we have places to go, and people to see!