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Le Cachet Day Spa and Laser Center 519, 8 AVENUE,NEW YORK, N.Y. 10018 BETWEEN 35-36 ST. "LUXE DEN" Telephone: 212-448-9823 Hours of Operations: Seven Days, from 11AM-8PM
Hair Regrowth Treatment NYC with advanced CTG Technology.
Thinning hair, balding, hair regrowth, hair loss treatments, black hair growth, male pattern baldness, female hair loss treatment, how to stop hair loss is no longer a question but became a reality at Le Cachet skin Care Center thanks to the latest hair loss technology.
Cosmetic Tricho Genesis is the most advanced technology in New York City, offers a non-invasive method to improve thinning hair,stop hair loss,and begine the process of hair regrowth.

To look younger and feel better about their appearance, many turn to alternate cosmetic treatments such as wigs, thickening shampoos, and coloring. Even others try non-cosmetic methods such as surgical implants, chemicals and prescription drugs to improve their appearance, all with mixed results. Creams and lotions used in the past as hair loss remedies, treat baldness, prevent hair thinning is the think of the past.
Customers have now identified Cosmetic Tricho Genesis as their preferred cosmetic choice to improve the appearance of their hair.

Excerpt from "Dermatology Times "August 2005.
"Under the lead, new technology's thicker, fuller, healthier hair"
Current Technology Corporation introduces its Cosmetic TrichoGenesis Mark 5 unit, offering both men and women thicker, fuller and healthier looking hair.

CTG Sessions:

The client sits in a lounge chair with a helmet like hood covering the top of the head.
Non -invasive,electro-stimulation waves powered by a battery create the appearance of richer and thicker hair.
Session time is approx.15 min,once a week.
Recommended minimum of 24 weeks.
No mess,no creams,no medications.
There are no known side effects.

The best results are achieved with clients who have just begun to notice that their hair appears to be thinning and not as full and healthy appearing as it once was. However, many people of all ages, male and female, have benefited from regular Cosmetic Tricho Genesis sessions.
Price: $25.00 per session.
Please call for a free consultation.
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