"Growing Readers Together"
Suzanne Knoelk MS, CALP
Using Multi-Sensory Techniques to
Reach Struggling Readers

Meet Sue Knoelk....... Passionate educator, well versed Reading Specialist, and all around children's reading champion. Sue loves what she does on a daily basis. 
"As a classroom teacher, I was puzzled why some students struggled so much trying to apply phonics skills in their reading and spelling and why after dedicated instruction and practice, these students still were not fluent" ...............more

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Definitions of common terms

  • Decoding:  Recognizing unfamiliar words by sequentially segmenting the sounds represented by the letters of the word and then blending the sounds into meaningful syllables or the whole word.
  • Encoding:  In spelling, the segmenting of sounds of a word, then translating each phoneme into its corresponding letter (s) and then the spelling of the word.
  • Grapheme:  The letter or letters that represent the speech sound (phoneme)
  • Morpheme:  The smallest unit of meaning in a word affixes, a single word, or word root
  • Orthography:  Writing system of a spoken language.
  • Phoneme:  Smallest unit of speech.
  • Phonetics:  Study of speech sounds.
  • Phonemic segmentation:  sequential isolating of speech sounds.
  • Phonics:  A teaching method which attends to letter-sound correspondences.
  • Phonology:  The sound system of a language, including the rules for their combination and pronunciation.
  • Semantics:  The study of the linguistic meaning of language.
  • Syntax:  The rules of sentence formation. 
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