"Growing Readers Together"
Suzanne Knoelk MS, CALP
Using Multi-Sensory Techniques to
Reach Struggling Readers

Meet Sue Knoelk....... Passionate educator, well versed Reading Specialist, and all around children's reading champion. Sue loves what she does on a daily basis. 
"As a classroom teacher, I was puzzled why some students struggled so much trying to apply phonics skills in their reading and spelling and why after dedicated instruction and practice, these students still were not fluent" ...............more

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Literacy and Learning Presentations

As an Orton-Gillingham trained reading specialist, I have learned many tips and strategies that help children maximize their learning potential. I’m passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with parents and other educators by offering professional development training and speaking engagements through schools, literacy organizations, and parent groups.

Examples of topics include:

An Introduction to Dyslexia: 

Research shows that 1 in 5 children have dyslexia. Whether you are a parent, teacher, administrator, or special service provider, you work with someone who has dyslexia every day. This session will be your dyslexia primer:

  • Definition of dyslexia
  • Signs and symptoms for each age group – what to watch for
  • Types of dyslexia and why it doesn’t effect any two people in exactly the same ways
  • How dyslexia is diagnosed
  • Best practices for effective teaching
  • How to take care of the social/emotional side of dyslexia

Word Nerds:

Have you heard it said that English makes no sense? Are you secretly interested in words and history? In this session you’ll discover the origins of English words and how our language developed over time. Also, learn to unlock the code to reading and spelling any word by using syllable types and syllable division. Surprisingly, it actually does make sense!

A Study of Words – Multi-sensory Spelling and Morphology: 

Spelling is often the hardest thing for children who have dyslexia. Learn how to help by:

  • Using multi-sensory spelling strategies
  • Unlocking spelling rules and guidelines
  • Teaching exponentially more words by learning how words “morph” into other forms (the study of morphology)

Multi-sensory Writing Techniques:

In this session, you’ll be given a toolbox of techniques to help children organize their writing and develop their ideas. Much like reading, it’s hard to see what good writers do. The multisensory techniques you’ll gain will make the writing process visual and explicit for your students.

Building Fluency and Comprehension

The ultimate goal of reading is making meaning from text. In this session, you’ll find out how fluency and comprehension work hand in hand by learning:

  • Strategies and activities for building all components of fluency (accuracy, speed, expression, prosody and phrasing)
  • Why it’s beneficial to re-read
  • How listening to reading can build fluency and comprehension
  • Ways to engage children in reading actively
  • Resources and techniques to help readers organize, understand and remember what they read

Please let me know how I can customize a workshop or presentation for your group. I’m also available for results based problem solving consultations. Please fill out and submit the Contact form, below:

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