"Growing Readers Together"
Suzanne Knoelk MS, CALP
Using Multi-Sensory Techniques to
Reach Struggling Readers

Meet Sue Knoelk....... Passionate educator, well versed Reading Specialist, and all around children's reading champion. Sue loves what she does on a daily basis. 
"As a classroom teacher, I was puzzled why some students struggled so much trying to apply phonics skills in their reading and spelling and why after dedicated instruction and practice, these students still were not fluent" ...............more

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   "From a parent of a dyslexic child your support means more than I can explain. "Our kids" deserve to know they are not dumb or slow or lazy. Their brains may work a bit different but they can do it. They just have to keep trying. Again thank you." 

Rachael B.

   "I started meeting with Mrs. Knoelk when I was 10 years old and in a short time my reading, spelling and comprehension improved greatly.  Not only was she there for me academically, she understood how frustrating it can be for kids who struggle with dyslexia, like me.  I am extremely grateful to have been able to work with Mrs. Knoelk and I hope other kids get the same opportunity."

Kate S.

    "I found she was always eager to dig into issues of student reading difficulties to try to best reach each of her student’s problems and try to correct what was impacting their reading. Her students loved coming to their group each time as Suzanne made learning fun for those kids who usually became discouraged with how hard of a job reading was for them."

Sue R.

     "Sue proved herself to be knowledgeable, open, and easy to work with. As an educator for twenty years myself, I can tell you she is an exemplary teacher and leader who will go above and beyond for her students and colleagues."

Jen T.

   "Ms. Knoelk is a natural leader and a gifted instructor in her pedagogy, attitude, and actions. One of her best qualities is that she is always teaching – her colleagues learn from her to do things for themselves.There is never an end     to what she’ll do in the name of learning. Ms. Knoelk possesses those rare and wonderful characteristics that immediately separate her from her peers. She displays warmth and compassion for her diverse students and is level-           headed, service-oriented, reflective and holds herself accountable in her decision making."

Amy S.