Home of the Header Buddy

Design Spec

Header Buddy seals to the inside lip of the stock exhaust manifold's or collector boxes. Header Buddy may fit tight in some headers, loose in others, but don't worry-it still works. On some Headers that are welded on the inside of the collector flange, the welding will have to be grounded or filed smooth so that the Header Buddy will seal. Header Buddy part number (AHB1) has a inlet O/D that fits 3" collector boxes, its outlet O/D is 2.5".

Header Buddy was designed to eliminate collector gaskets FOREVER!

Header Buddy now comes in SIX different inlet sizes with TEN different outlet sizes:
2" inlet with 2" outlet, 3 hole and 2 hole flanges
2.25" inlet with 2.25 outlet, 2 hole flange for Ford and Mopar
2.5" inlet with 2.5" and 2.25" outlet, 3 hole and 2 hole flanges
3" inlet with 3", 2.5" and 2.25" outlets 3 hole flange only
3.5 inlet with 3.5" and 3" outlets, 3 hole flange only
4" inlet with 4" outlet, 4 bolt flange only

The 2", 2.25" and 2.5' Header Buddy's are also available with either a two bolt flange or 3 bolt flange. These sizes work well on Six-cylinder, SBC, BBC, mopar, fords, anything that uses stock exhaust manifolds.