There are several different ways to become an
Alaska Vegan Society member.

hoose one of the Annual Memberships.  
  • Student/Senior - $25 (Student=full time student: 12 credits minimum).
                                             (Senior =62 or older)
  • Individual - $35
  • Family - $45
  • Kinship Circle - $100
  • The Big Broccoli - $500

      To start the membership process click the YES button below, fill out the Membership Form page and click the submit button.  This will take you to the Membership & Donation page where you select your level of membership and to make additional donations. Once you have selected your level of support you will automatically go to the PayPal website where you can use your PayPal account, open a new PayPal account or pay with a credit card.

The Alaska Vegan Society is under the umbrella of
Rays of Hope,
a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.
The PayPal page and your receipt will say Rays of Hope.
All of your donations are tax deductible.

   If you would rather speak to a real person to start your membership you also have the option of calling our membership coordinator, Charlie Renideo, at 907-355-2245 or talk to me at the monthly AVS Potluck Dinner.

I want to become an AVS Member, renew my membership or upgrade my membership!