Welcome  7th  Graders!

AHA  ---At Home Activities

Get more "G" Bucks!

Want to earn more "G" Bucks

to spend in our store?

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Watch videos & review keywords  assigned as the weekly AHA.

2. Then click on the link: Get "G" Bucks here - Rm # ________.

3.  Login using 'Student Login' (upper right).

          - Enter Room Number from Get "G" Bucks here link

          - Click 'Join'

          - Enter your First & Last Name .

           - Click 'Done'

4. Answer all questions.

5. Submit & logout.

Here's some pics to help if you need them.

Step 1

Watch the videos & review keywords assigned as AHA for the week.

Step 2

Then click on the link: Get "G" Bucks here - Rm # ________.

This link is found on the AHA page for the week.

The Room # may change for each week.  Write down the Room #.  You will need to enter it in the login.

The link will take you to:

Step 3

Login using 'Student Login' (upper right). Click on the 'Student Login' button.

Enter Room Number from Get "G" Bucks here link. 

                      In this example, Room 3 COL1718 was entered. 

Enter the Room # given on your link that you wrote down. 

Click 'Join'.

Enter your First & Last Name.  (example: Mary Smith)

Click 'Done'.

Step 4

Answer ALL  questions to qualify for bucks.

            Here's an example question:

Click on your answer & click 'Submit'.

You will see a screen like this:

You will get immediate feedback about your answer. 

Then click 'OK' to go on to the next question.

Step 5

 When you have answered all the questions, you will see:

Click on 'Menu' (upper right) & click 'log out'.

You Did It!  Congratulations!

You will receive your bucks at the next class.
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