Frequently Asked Questions on Fanny Packs
1: How do the packs open?

a: With a pull tab in the corner of the pack,
both zippers come together at the corner and
you pull straight down to your side

2: Are they right or left handed packs?

a: They are both, you can put the zippers to
the right corner or put them to the left
corner, there is a pull tap in each corner
of the pack.

3: What colors do you make them in?

a: We make solid Black, solid Navy Blue, then
all the others are a Black base(main color)
with a Navy Blue, Teal, Forest Green,
Burgundy, Red, Grey Purple Trim. We
sometimes have a Grey Base.

4: Can you make the belt larger then 54"?

a: Yes we can make the belt to what ever length
you need, there is an addition charge of $12.00

5: What is the difference between the 400C and the
401RC bags?

a: Yes, the shape,and the pockets on the 400
series packs, has one pocket for the gun, and
other the same size for your items, plus one
med pocket on the front with another smaller
zipper pocket on that one. So you have 3 Full
pockets for other things and you gun pocket.
This pack opens like the video shows, all the
way to the center bottom of the pack for full
quick access.

b: The 401RC has a pocket for the gun and one
pocket the same size for other items, plus one
small pocket on the front with the two wing
pockets on the belt, This pack dose not open
all the way to the bottom center of the bag,
it was made for bikers, hikers, runners and
active people.

6. Will may gun fit in your Packs?

a: Yes, from 2" to 4" barrel Revolvers and
auto's up to full size 1911 or up to a
5.7" barrel.