Your Virtual Repair & Remodeling Consultant
Have you found yourself in any of these situations?
  • You don't know what type of contractor to call for a home repair
  • You have started a repair project and you need some help completing it
  • You tackled a DIY project and are in over your head
  • You hired a contractor and you think they are cutting corners.
  • You received a remodeling proposal and you need help reviewing it
  • ..................... and more
Now professional home repair and remodeling advice is available at an affordable price.

Simply make your selection below
Decide which option below works best for you, and select it. You will be asked to fill out a short form to schedule your appointment, and submit payment.
The basic phone consultation consists of a pre-scheduled 15 minute block of time where we will discuss your situation. You may send me a couple pictures to illustrate your problem by using this form, which I will review ahead of our consultation. Document review is not included in the basic consultation. Please see additional consultations.

The Video consultation consists of a pre-scheduled 15 minute block of time where we will discuss your situation. I use Google Hangout to for video conferencing, so you will need a Gmail account and be logged in to allow us to video conference. It is all free. A high quality web camera that you can direct to the problem area will work best. Document review is not included in the video consultation. Please see additional consultations.

I will visit your project site and spend up to 1 hour in consultation with you and 1 other person, offering verbal advice. 
  • 30 minutes of travel to your job site is included. I use map quest for travel times. Use 60441 for my location.
  • Additional travel time is rounded up and billed in 30 minute blocks of $30 and is payable in advance. I give 10 minutes grace period so if your trip is up to 40 minutes there is no extra charge. 41 minutes travel time to 60 minutes is $30. At 61 minutes it is another $30 and at 91 minutes another $30 until 3 hours travel time. If longer than 3 hours please contact me to work details out.
  • Please arrange to meet or arrive on time and be ready to start at the scheduled appointment time. Your consultation will begin at the scheduled time, so if you are late you will miss some of your consultation. If I arrive late I will fulfill your complete appointment unless you cannot than I will credit you back for the time missed.

I will review and provide a written report of a construction contract and or project specifications up to a combined 6 pages. I am not offering legal advice, I will only offer construction and general project related advice.
For example;
  • If latex caulk was specified to be used in the bathtub area, I would comment; latex caulk not approved for use in shower/tub area, use silicone based kitchen and bathroom approved mold resistant caulk
  • or
  • If 15# roofing paper to be applied over roof sheathing with 30 year shingles was specified, I would comment; 15# roofing paper overlapped minimum of 6" to be applied over 7/16" exterior grade roof sheathing (provided roof rafters are spaced 16" o.c.) except the  bottom 3' of the roof measured from the face of the exterior wall (minus any roof overhang) where self adhering ice and water shield rubber membrane shall be applied to the roof sheathing.
Additional partial and complete pages from the same project may be reviewed for $10 per page.