Will County Habitat
Senior Crew
To Do List
Week of July 9th

Tuesday July 10th

Natalia Decide………. according on weather, 319 Midland or Fort Courage

Natalia, Rich, John Flynn, Veray

1. Framing at 319

2. Continue working on shop

Wednesday July 11th

Natalia, Justin, Veray

221 Pleasant (Dumpster coming today) (DO NOT DEMO INSIDE UNTIL LEAD AND ASBESTOS GUYS ARE DONE!!!)

1. Start demo of back porch

Thursday July 12th

221 Pleasant … Natalia>>>>Continue Demo or work at Graham you decide

Tom, Rich, Harry, Mike, Jack, John Flynn

1. Continue demo at 221 Pleasant

2. Continue work on warehouse organizing

Friday July13th

Natalia, set up for Saturday either 2 job sites or 1

1. Tom Wunderlich leading demo crew at 221 Pleasant

2. Natalia leading group at 2127 California staining deck and porch.

Saturday July 14th

1. Demo at 221 Pleasant (Tom Wunderlich Lead)

2. Staining of rear deck and front porch at 2127 California (Grace Church)

Week of July 2nd 2018

Tuesday July 3rd

1804 Cora (meet at Cora at 8am)

Tom, (Van) Rich, Justin Balcer**( new vol) John Flynn, Veray

1. Install door slabs

2. Install door locks

3. Go through punch list

4. Install dishwasher electric line and dishwasher

5. Install grass seed and water

410 Dellwood

1. Fix 3 - 4x4 posts

2. Glue down floor tile

Thursday July 5th

Fort Courage

Tom, Rich, Mike, John Flynn, Veray, Justin Balcer, Joy?

1. Install plywood on west wall in shop

2. Place equipment

3. Run Electric for equipment

4. Sort screws and nails, make list of what is needed for stock

5. Clean up shop and organize

6. Clean bathroom

Friday July 6th


1. Finish clean up loose ends from the week

Saturday July 7th

John Baker is joining them (Dupage John)

1. O.N. Guys at 319 Midland

Week of June 25th, 2018

To Do List for Week of June 25th, 2018

as of 2 pm 6-21-18

REV Monday 6-25-18

Created by John 6-21-18

Tom... Friday June 22nd

  1. P/U Back Ordered stained casing from Alexander for 218Rev WaltonDr.

  1. Bring screens in to repair for 218 Rev Walton Dr.

  1. Testrun power washers

  1. Color coordinate pressure washer unit/hose/sprayer

  1. Load truck for Tuesday andpuany supplies you will need for Tuesday

Tuesday June 26th

1804 Cora


  1. Blower door test

218 Rev Walton Dr

Tom(VanDupage John, Rich, Justin Balcer**( new vol) John Flynn

  1. Installpre-hungdoors

  1. Install corner blocks, stain more if necessary

  1. Install cover plates

  1. Install door locks

  1. Pressure wash exterior of house

  1. Pressure wash front deck

  1. Finish gas pipe to HW Tank

410 Dellwood

  1. Check smoke detectors

  1. Fix Sidingon house

  1. Check sump pump that it works

  1. Brace sump pump discharge pipefrom inside crawlspaceso it does not move

  1. Seal cutin Radon blanket

  1. Look at suction gauge and note what rating it is at

  1. Check floor tile coming upin house?

Wednesday June 27th

Tom, Rich,

410 Dellwood

  1. Finish up list from yesterday at 410 Dellwood

  1. Finish up 1804 Cora

Thursday June 28th


Tom,Rich,Harry,Mike,Jack, John Flynn

Concentrate on completing the interior of the house first. May have to pull Jack and Rich to 410 Dellwood to do crawl space items from yesterday because Jack is familiar with it

  1. Paint 3rdBedroom and laundry room

  1. Stain rear deck and front porch

  1. Install all new outlet and switch plates

Friday June 29th


  1. Finish clean up loose ends from the week