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Tip of The Month
Squeaky Door Hinges
We have all had a door that creaks and squeaks. Spray lubricants and graphite are a mess and you never have them when you need them, or remember where you put them.  Try this easy solution. Remove the hinge pin, only one at a time and coat with Vaseline and re-insert them. Give the door a few swings and end of problem.  
Loose Cabinet Handles and Hinges
Most handles are attached with a screw from the inside of the drawer or door. A few tuns and it will tighten right up. Tightening up loose hinges will take a little more ingenuity. If the screw just spins and is constantly loosening up remove the screw and squirt a little Elmer's glue into the screw hole. Then insert a few tooth pics, moving them around to spread the glue evenly. You can break them off flush with the surface now or wait til they dry. When it is dry, about 4 hrs, re-insert the screw until snug.
Mission Accomplished!!
Website to Evaluate Your Home's Individual Energy Use
The US Department of Energy," Home Energy Saver" website will do just that, save you energy and dollars. Enter your zip code and some individual information about your home, and the site will calculate your energy usage and recommend upgrades to decrease energy use and save you money. You may have to open a file drawer or 2 to enter the right information, but remember the result will only be as accurate as the information you enter. Click for details
Q: What is a Title Company and what do they do?
A:  The short answer is that  a Title Company is a business that determines if a property title is clear of any liens and issues an insurance policy to guarantee clear title. The somewhat longer answer is they also handle assembling the closing papers for the transaction, hosting the closing, which includes making copies, faxing documents to the bank, mortgage company. They are the executive secretary of the real estate transaction.

Volume X May, 2015
Dimension Bible Book Cover
DIYers Do You Need Help Figuring How Much Material You Need, and How To Install It?
The Dimension Bible is your solution. Easy to understand formulas and charts to help you calculate how much material you will need for your project. Also plenty of information on how to install it. It will become your home repair and remodeling Bible. 

Measurements and dimensions for plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, appliances, carpentry and many more items are outlined in an easy to read format. Also included are formulas to calculate area, volume, unit conversion tables, rafter and header span tables, exterior grading information, and much more. With plenty of room for your own personal notes on every page, this book will be invaluable to you.  READ MORE

Special for May
Use the coupon code NL20 and recieve 20% off your purchase of the Dimension Bible
Spring Brings Feathered Friends

Spring is here in many areas and something you may not think about is also here, nesting season. Birds looking for a new home will be descending upon your house, looking for someplace to call their home. There are many species of birds, with many different nesting habits but all birds fall into one of two categories, migratory and non-migratory.

Non-migratory birds are birds that stay in one area during all seasons, although they can and do sometimes change nesting locations during the year. Migratory birds, depending on the species, can return to the same nest year after year or chose a new site and build a new nest each year. Some species of birds use multiple nesting areas, as many as 4 or 5 different nests each year.

I know this article is supposed to be about maintaining you home vents systems but I wanted you to realize the threat of intrusion to your home from our feathered friends.

Take a couple minutes and watch the video below for a real life example of what our feathered friends can do.

Pretty incredible isn’t it. The precautions you undertake to keep birds out of your home will also help to keep out squirrels and raccoon's out of your home. Well maintained regular type roof and gable vents are generally sufficient to keep animals out of your home. However, after animals have already nested in your home they may go to extreme measure to unlock the door you have locked. In these type of situations you will need some extra protection. On flat vertical surfaces like gable vents you can install heavy metal screening typically from the inside. Here is a helpful link topurchase that extra protection for your roof vents.

Do not cover a vent or opening until you make sure the intruding animal is not inside your home. If you suspect an animal is still in your home please do not secure the hole or entrance point. Call a wildlife removal service before securing the area of entrance. Finally please be sure to follow all safety precaution when climbing on the roof.

Know The Cost Before You Call A Contractor ... 2015 Cost vs Value Report

As featured last month... An incredibly valuable report for everyone who is considering a remodeling project.

 Access the 2015 report here

Your May Home Maintenance To Do List
Let Contractor John remind you when it is time to perform maintenance around your home. Our goal is to find and repair small problems before they become large very expensive repairs.
Each month I will include a list of maintenance tasks for you to undertake that month. 
For Example in May I recommend you;
  1. Clean your gutters and check that they are securely mounted to the house. Replace any loose spikes. strap or clips. Check out this helpful gutter sprayer so you can stay on the ground. Also check that downspouts, or splash blocks direct water at least 3' from the house foundation.
  2. Have your Central air-conditioner serviced.
  3. Remove all your shower heads and faucet aerators and soak in white vinegar. After a couple hours scrub with an old toothbrush. For really stubborn deposits use Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover, CLR, and follow directions on the bottle.
  4. Dust your ceiling fan blades, and reverse the rotation of the blades for summer
  5. Set your thermostat, exterior light timer and automatic sprinkler system.
Product of the Month
This month's featured product solves a problem 90% of us have in our bathrooms. There is never enough room for towels. The solution from Gatco is this double offset towel bar with attached shelf. Now you have room to properly hang 2 wet towels and have a sup[ply of dry ones folded up on the shelf above. Instead of folded towels on the shelf you could place an extra bar of soap, shampoo, or even an extra roll of toilet paper. At this great price you can install one of these in each bathroom.
Bonus Product of the Month

Water splashing out of the tub when you bathing the kids or taking a shower is a major cause of damage in bathrooms. The BONUS product of the month are tub splash guards. Easy to install they come with a squeeze tube of silicone to make applying them easy and permanent. You can take them out but the silicone caulk/adhesive will not degrade like other caulks. Make sure to clean the soap film from the areas you are applying the guards to before installation by using nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Works on fiberglass. cast iron and steel tubs and shower bases. Click here to find out more.

Rustic Recipes For The Whole Family
Click Here For Printable Version Of Recipie

Memorial Day BBQ

With Memorial Day coming at the end of the month I thought I would include a great yet simple meal that can be prepared on the grill.

That meal will consist of well seasoned steak or other cut of beef, grilled medley of vegetables, and seasoned baked potatoes, with kicked up sour cream.

To begin with let’s prepare the marinade for the meat, you will need;

· Flat container slightly larger that will allow your meat to lay flat, or large zip lock bag.

· ½ cup of olive oil

· 1/3 cup soy sauce

· 1/4 cup Worchester Sauce

· 1/3 cup lemon juice

· 3 tbsp dried basil

· 1 ½ tbsp fresh chopped garlic

· 1 ½ Tbsp of dried parsley

· 1 tsp ground black or white pepper

· Optional ¼ tsp of hot pepper sauce

Mix together and place in blender for 30 seconds on high. Pour over meat or into a zip lock bag and add meat. Refrigerate for minimum 8 hours, overnight is best.

To prepare your baked potatoes, wash them and while still wet thoroughly coat them with large crystal sea salt and wrap in tin foil. The potatoes generally take about 45 minutes to an hour to cook.

Special kicked up sour cream for the baked potatoes is very simple.

Simply mix;

· 1 cup of sour cream

· ½ tsp of garlic powder

· 2 tbsp of dried minced onions

· ¼ tsp of black pepper

· ¼ tsp of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

Mix together thoroughly and refrigerate, overnight is best. When you are ready to serve, cut your baked potatoes in half, pinching the halves together to loosen the potato up. Then drop a spoonful of your kicked up sour cream into the center and watch it melt and run throughout the potato!!

Cut your choice of vegetables up so they are about the same thickness but into larger pieces. I use a blend of;

· Carrots

· Celery

· Red bell pepper

· Zucchini

· Red onion

· Parsnips

You can substitute anything you like, and quantities you like.

Pour ½ cup of olive oil in a large zip lock bag and add vegetables until you coat them. Remove them from the bag and place them on a large sheet of tin foil,(you may need 2 pieces together) keeping them close together, sprinkle with garlic powder, Lawry’s seasoned salt and black pepper. Close the foil around the vegetable.

The vegetables will take about ½ the time the potatoes take to cook and not directly over the heat.

Pull this BBQ off and you will earn your BBQ Chef Badge!! The family will be so thankful!

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