Our 2017 Partners
- Thank You! -

The Men's Club of Morganton would like to express our appreciation to the businesses and individuals who have helped us throughout 2017 and a Special "Thanks" for those who have, once again, helped to make our Bikes4Kids program a success. Sincerely,
The Men's Club of Morganton
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Our Platinum Partner
Our Gold Partners
Case Farms
James Tools
Our Bronze Partners
Individual Donors
Mr. William Allman
Mr. Bob Benner
John & Linda Betancourt
Richard & Mary Beyer
Joe & Jan Bingham
Robert & Judy Bliss
Spence & Jayne Borden
Leonard & Charlotte Brendel
Walter & Christine Bruinsma
Talley Bryant Foundation
Mr. Tim J. Buff
John & Anne Cansler
Joseph Carey
Gray & Betty Carswell
Novah W. Cash
William Chambers
Kathleen Chapman
Ronny & Caroline Causby
Mr. David Clark
Robert & D.R. Clark
Donald & Patricia Clarke
Dan & Linda Craig
Mr. Robert D. Crooks
Donald & Cathy Danford
Warren & Lydia Daniel
Randy & Kathy Digh
Deborah H. Davis, M.D.
Michael & Ann Edwards
Mr. Robert C. Ervin
Ron & Martha Franklin
Mr. Douglas Owen Gordon
James & Janice Gravely
John & Connie Greene
Mr. John D. Greene, Sr.
Cynthia H. Grigg
David & Kathy Grooms
J Fred & Janice Hardin
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Haugen
Mr. Joseph R. Holland
Mike Hodges
Mr. Phil Howerton
Phyllis Jacumin
Joe Johnson
Ms. Tyra W. Jones
James & Ellen Juban
Laura Justice
Robert & Gloria Kilpatrick
Michael & Mary Koontz
Jeff & Alice Leonard
Steven & Anne Lian
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Haugen
Frank & Georgia MacMaster
Jerry E. McCall
Mr. J.H. McCombs, Jr.
Kerri L McFalls
Jerry & Tracey McKee
Stewart McKee
Mrs. Alda P. McKinney
Bruce & Margaret McKinney
Mrs. Hilda McNeely
Ms Margaret Miller
Winston & Connie Mitchell
Mr. Charles C. Newton
RC & Leona Opp
Water & Joyce Pharr
Mr. Edward W. Phifer, III
Bernie & Brenda Pierce
Robert & Jacquelyn Pruett
Mr. Todd Rader
Edward & Abby Redman
Harold & Claudette Reece
Gray & Betty Riddick
Anne B. Riggan
Kitty G. Reep
DR Jeff & Lisa Roller
Ernest St Louis
Michael Shell
Claude & Jo Bailey Sitton
Michael L. Smith
O. Lamar Smitherman
C.J. Stancil
Mr. Richard M. Stock
Talley Bryan Foundation
Douglas A. Veazey, DDS
Edna C. Watts
Ronnie & Dina Whisnant
Art & Maureen Wiesemann

A very special "Thank You" to Clay & Joani Richardson and all those involved in the "May Day Biathlon."
Special “Thanks” to the friends & customers of Ace Morganton Hardware
Thank You Patriot Touchdown Club of Freedom High School
Please send your charitable Tax-Deductible contribution to:

The Men's Club of Morganton
P.O. Box 3825
Morganton, NC 28680
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To learn more, call (828) 391-1155, or email us.

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