Danny Szeremet
Speaker - Singer - Songwriter
Danny has spoken to over 10,000 people on hundreds of stages, at corporate events, conferences, schools, charitable functions and more.

When Danny picks up his acoustic guitar, your audience will feel his message. Expect humor, laughter, stories and original songs that resonate with the audience.

Combining his personal stories and songs, Danny delivers "keynote concerts" that engage the listener's minds and emotions. Smiles, tears, and goodebumps have been reported.

Get to the heart. Deliver a powerful message. Invite Danny to your next event.

Speaker Topics
Tapping Incredible Power

Within each of us, there is a power that shapes our life and our future. Discover how to tap into an incredible "hidden" power.

Improve your efficiency, increase productivity. Build a better relationship. Live better. Conduct your life like a Maestro.

Discover how to to move beyond everyday patterns and limiting beliefs. You have the power to accomplish amazing things.

Praise for Daniel
"Danny used humor and had a tenderness to the stories that he was telling on stage that really left me feeling touched, moved, and inspired to take on things in my own life."
- Michael Letsinger

"It's like you see the miracle of his life unfolding... and what he created from it, in his playfulness and his beautiful music."
- Kate Anderson

What Danny offers is so incredibly unique and dynamic and heart-opening. And you're going to love it.

- Tiamo de Vettori, Speaker

Life Experience

Danny’s profession was solving problems and presenting solutions for people from around the world and all walks of lives, in engineering, healthcare, corporate legal management, finance, travel, leisure and more.

Danny's passion is inspiring and empowering others through personal stories and original songs. Throughout his life, Danny has been called upon to speak, perform and provide a message.

Through a unique blend of personal stories, humor and original songs, Danny brings the message home.

What Danny Brings

- Personal Stories

- Original Songs

- Entertainment

- Empowerment

- A Roadmap with Directions

- A Deeper Message

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