About Danny

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Explorer & Guide

Danny loves to explore, learn and experience life to the fullest.

As an orphan, Danny lived in three different families in 3 ethnically different neighborhoods, and studied 3 different religious denominations. So Danny learned to navigate and adapt within each family, neighborhood, and religious culture.

By age 7, Danny was traveling across the City of Milwaukee without an accompaning adult. By age 8, he had earned his way to summer camp, selling door-to-door. By age 16, Danny had earned his first car, by shoveling snow, working as a caddy at a local golf course, and as a worker at a conservation camp.
From orphan child to Steel Worker, Marine Corps Sergeant, Systems Engineer, Director of Finance, Operations and IT, to Consulting, Speaking and Performing, Danny shares a perspective rooted in a broad range of experience.

As a perpetual student of life, Danny continues to increase his knowledge, and develop skills that have solved problems for thousands in business and everyday life.

As a keynote speaker and musician, Danny blends story, entertainment and original songs, to deliver a powerful message that moves audiences.

Speaking Debut at Age 16

T-Shirt from Camp Fred Loock
At age 16, Danny spoke before an audience of more than 1000 people, to honor the retiring President of The Allen-Bradley Company, Fred Loock.

Danny was selected amongst his peers at a conservation camp bearing the presidents name, where Danny received awards for Best Ceremony, and for "taking action in a difficult situation".
Danny also performed at school and church where he taught Sunday School and directed the children's choir. Danny performed his own songs at a local coffee shop.

Joined Marine Corps at Age 19

During his tour of duty, Danny spoke and performed at the Bob Hope USO, the San Francisco USO, Marine Corps Events, the Orange County Fair, and local venues.

After speaking, and then performing a song he wrote to honor the USO volunteers, Danny was featured on the front page of the MCAS El Toro base newspaper, The Flight Jacket.

When Danny submitted an original song to The American Song Festival, an International competion, he placed in the Top 4%. When he played this song for Rose, he won her heart.

After 3 years of service, Danny left the Marine Corps with the Rank of Sergeant, a Letter of Recommendation from his Lieutenant, and a Letter of Commendation from the Colonel.

Danny Delivers A Message that Touches Hearts and Minds

In a blend of speech, humor, and live music, Danny brings education and entertainment to your Keynote event, with experience gained from an insatiable appetite for learning and a continual quest for knowledge and experience.

Danny is a Solution Provider

Appying his technical and presentation skills, Danny has provided and presented solutions to engineers, attorneys, corporate executives, accountants, management, healthcare providers and people from around the world.

Applying his talents in music and speaking, Danny shares real life experiences through personal stories and songs he wrote to share a message, a lesson, a solution in a powerful way that takes keynote speaking to another level.

Danny has been called to speak and perform before audiences from many walks of life.