12 Disciples (12 Disciples of Mind) 
  1. Simon - Attitude of Hearing (Words you Choose & Give Meaning)
  2. Andrew - Courage (To Realize Alternative Ways, Despite Unanimous Belief)
  3. Bro. James - Justice/Wisdom (Coupled with Love)
  4. Bro. John - Beloved (Returning Love for Hate, coupled w/Justice)
  5. Philip - Expression (Wanted to be shown the Father, seen only as Expressed)
  6. Bartholomew - Imagination (Distinguishes one from the masses)
  7. Thomas - Doubt/Denial (That which is NOT in Hamony)
  8. Matthew - Desire (As Gift containing Power & Plan of Expression. Harmony)
  9. James - Discernment (Clear/Ordered Mind calls disciple into being. Specificity)
  10. Thaddaeus - Praise/Gratitude (Walks with words "Thank you Father" on his lips.)
  11. Simon of Canaan - Hearing Good News (Abundant Life, Kingdom of Heavien Within.)
  12. Judas - Knows he must die to what he is to become that which he desires.)

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