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Tiamo de Vettori

Tiamo de Vettori
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This is Tiamo de Vettori. I'm a speaker, seminar leader and event planner and I want to take a moment to talk about Danny.

Because he was incredible on stage. 

I just saw him do a live keynote concert where he combined live music with speaking and stories. 

And I thought that his message and his journey was so powerful for the audience.

I thought that his song was so touching and he really had an empowering message around love and hope and connection. 

So if your audience can use a lot of that, then you need to book Danny for your conference, your seminar, your event.

Your audience is going to be so happy that you did. Because what Danny offers is so incredibly unique and dynamic and heart-opening. And you're going to love it.

John Silvers

John Silvers
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Hi, my name is John Silvers. And I am so excited to tell you about Danny Szeremet. I got a chance to see him do a keynote concert and it was just so phenomenal.

He talks about love, he talks about his experiences in life and how he chooses, and has chosen, in life, to lead from a place of forgiveness, and a place of Love, which has been so powerful for him, but even more so powerful for me to hear about and I know will be powerful for your audience if you were to hire him for a keynote, I can't (say) speak highly enough for him, about him, that is. 

And I can say that his music, that he writes, on top of his speaking, are just a combination that is soÖ so powerful. So.I highly recommend, if you have an opportunity to hire Danny Szeremet, you do so.

Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson
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Hi, my name is Kate Anderson. And I have just had the pleasure, the very great pleasure, of seeing Dannyís keynote concert.

His story, the life he has lived, and what he has created from it, all focus towards Love, and the power of LoveÖ are like a miracle.

And itís like you see the miracle of his life unfolding in the harshness he went through, and what he created from it, in his (now) playfulness and his beautiful music.

If you have an event coming up, and you are looking for a tender man speaking about his life, and all the fruits of it, you want Danny at your event.

Michael Letsinger

Michael Letsinger
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Hey. My name is Michael Letsinger. I am a keynote speaker, singer and musician.

And I was lucky enough to just get to sit through Danny's keynote speech.

Danny's speech helped me to see some interruptions that happen in my own life. And it really left me inspired. Danny used humor and had a tenderness to the stories that he was telling on stage that really left me feeling touched, moved, and inspired to take on things in my own life and to find Love as my own direction with the people that I care about in my life,

I was blown away by Danny's vulnerability on stage and his playfulness and how he moved about the stage and how he moved throughout his song.

I could see in my life who I could give, [and] forgive. I could see people in my life that I could forgive through Danny's message of love being power and power being love. So if any of that resonates with you, you would definitely do well to have Danny come and speak at your keynote speech or your events. Thank you.

Tony Connors

Tony Connors
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Hi. Iím Tony Connors and I just saw Danny Szeremet tonight for his keynote concert. 

Danny has a nice calming voice and he sprinkles it with pearls (of wisdom).