BB Ranch Red Angus Cattle Bayfield Colorado

Red Angus Cows

Our Red Angus cattle herd is self-maintaining.

Our herd knows how to find food and water. They travel to water daily proving their soundness. The cows are easy calvers and good moms who protect their young from predators. They thrive grazing in the mountains at high altitudes on high mountain grasses and live on stalks in the winter.

We just make sure food and water is there. The cows do the work and produce quality calves that will work for you.

Our cow herd features daughters of Messmer Packer, LJC Misson Statement, LCC Major League, and LJC Nebula 809C and granddaughters of Cherokee Canyon.

Red Angus Cow Calf Pair
Red Angus Cow Calf Pair on Stalks

Red Angus Cows Mountain Grasses
Red Angus Cows Mountain Grasses