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Stephen Hicks 3-17-2005 00:28 AM
I have used a number of different merchant accounts. Some prices at about $30 per month for Pay Net Systems but not compatible with authorize net so they are unable to do real time transaction to Quick Commerce at $65 plus which is compatible with for real time transaction. What real time merchant account have you had the best experience with? And at what price?

You may email me if you do not want to post.
Jerry Hedge 9-12-2007 10:43 AM
I have only used and paypal, I really like paypal because my site doesn't bring in that much income.
Ryan       9-13-2007 5:51 PM
PayPal have proven me well. Also GoogleCheckout is free to use (i.e. - no fees) until the end of this year I believe.

Tyler - EZ-NetTools TechSupport 11-28-2007 09:38 AM
EZ-NetTools recommends using E-Com Merchant Solutions. Our representatives there are Faith and Yolonda and can be reached at 1-888-277-3332

Don't forget to mention you were referred by EZ-NetTools, there maybe a discount!!

E-Com can either setup a merchant account if you do not already have one and also your account. It is quick and easy. Once setup contact our technical support and we can help you setup your payment configurations so you can easily start accepting orders on your site.

We would also like to mention for smaller businesses to use PayPal to get started.

For those businesses that have a store front and their own credit card processing terminal you do not need a merchant gateway and can retrieve the credit card information for your orders securely to process them manually.
Ryan 11-28-2007 5:44 PM
Google Checkout is also a solution that's gaining traction. It's very similar to PayPal but you don't pay any fees through the end of 2007 and low fees after that. In fact, if you're running AdWords already, you can get some really good deals.

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