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LeLand Crandall 2-19-2008 7:12 PM
Dear Friends,

In one of our most recent concert/services, I couldn't help but notice the effect that our music had on our audience!

When our lead singer Dale Durant did his interpretation of the song "Cost of Living", most people were relating to the lyrics of the economic hard times and at the same time were rejoicing to the lyrics of the hope of a future in which Heaven will be a place of eternal prosperity!

Tim Crandall's song "Iam Determined" is a favorite of mine, because it encourages me that my serving the Lord Jesus is not in vein if I will purpose to serve Him all the days of my Life! The rewards of 'staying the course' is to hear Jesus say "Well Done Good And Faithful Servant"!.

One of the new songs that we have recently been singing 'He Still Speaks' seems to have a special anointing that moves our audiences to raise their hands in worship as the Lord reminds us all that it is His "still small voice" that calms the raging storms of life that confronts us all now and then.

The Psalmist, David played his music for a tormented King by the name of Saul. For some peculiar reason, David's music had an effect on Saul in a way that took his troubled mind to a place of serenity. Unfortunately for Saul, he never surrendered to God's will thus continuing down a road of destruction.

Tim, Dale and I are in constant pursuit of the Lord's anointing upon our music ministry in the hope that it will continue to have a desired effect of introducing people to the wonderful experience of knowing Jesus as their personal Savior!

Hope to see you soon in one of our concert/services!

May the Lord Bless All Of You,


Leland G. Crandall
Curt Gammill 6-14-2008 02:08 AM
Well, I guess you can 't sing the old songs forever....although they will always be the best ones. I have a really hard time enjoying the new worship songs so I thought I would look up some of the old ones I enjoy so much. And since you are as old as they get.......
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