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Magic, electronic magic, and special effects including lighting and stage magic. Scroll down to see all products including our NEW Electronic Wizard of Oz!

Amazing Magic-Glo device
How about doing this without a Glowtron Pad? Light neon, fluorescent lights, and other tubes without any obvious means! You can even energize spectators and they don't have a clue on how it's done! They can do the magic that you do! Battery operated device is perfectly safe, uses 8 "AA" batteries (not included). Neon not included, sold separately.

Check out the modification one customer did to make him an ELECTRIC MAN! Click on the right picture for more details!
Price: $69.95 Special! Stock #: MG001
Magic Flashing Pyramid
This is cool! Here is a picture of High-Tech Magic's Magic Pyramid. There are 75 LEDs on the three faces of this pyramid. Inside are the electronics that make the LEDs flash in a sequential manner. When you turn it on, the bottom row of lights flash, then the next row, then the next, and so on up to the top. One can vary the speed for a totally cool effect. Tell your friends that you were abducted by aliens and they gave you this beacon and it would start flashing when they were ready to come back to get you! Operates from one 9V battery (not included) and uses a reliable one IC circuit. The pyramid is hollow inside and can be set on top of the 9V battery to conceal it. Specify color choice: Red, Yellow, Green. right_img
Price: $49.95 Special! Stock #: MP001
Colors: R, G, B, P.:
With neon and lasers, what better effect than some fog?
This is a 700 watt fogger with wired remote control. 0.5 liter fluid tank. High pressure pump. Fog output greater than 3,400 cfm using Fantasia fog fluid (fog juice sold seperately). 5.25" x 12" x 9". 9 lbs. This is the best selling fog machine for Magicians, small Bands, and Mobile DJs! For laser shows, fog is the best. This device is UL listed and operates on 110 volt power. Compare to Spencer's Gifts, which sells a similar unit for at least $20 more! Get yours today so you can play!
Price: $79.95 Special! Stock #: F-700
Fantasia Fog Fluid
Fantasia fog has been a best seller for 20 years. With less than 1.5 parts per million of mineral impurities, Fantasia fog fluid tests better than most brands selling for more! Fantasia fog is a triple filtered blend, designed to create a thick, rich cloud of fog from any conventional fog machine. 10 lbs per gallon. 1 gallon. Available in: unscented, tropical light, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, banana, lemon, cherry, orange.
NOTE: Heavy item, $5 extra for shipping.
Price: $24.95 Special! Stock #: FFL-G
Mini Linking Rings
[Click HERE for a free movie!]
THIS IS THE ORIGINAL, BEWARE OF RIPOFFS! Effect: Magi explains that most people know electricity and magnetism are related. The reason for your magnetic personality is your electric nature! To prove this, take out two small rings and prepare to rub them together. This, you explain, is to charge up the rings. Then the magic happens! You show them that after the rings charge, there is an attraction, and pick up your hand with the one ring stuck under the other. You then gently spin the rings with your free hand and can even keep them spinning by blowing on the bottom ring! Click on our movie button to see it in action! Baffles the audience as they might feel a slight attraction between rings but they can't make the rings stick. Easy to do! Comes complete with instructions and that special something so only YOU can work the rings! Hurry and own something even the pros don't have, yet! Who knows, maybe you'll be the coolest magi doing this effect FIRST! Silver only. right_img
[! Picture !]
Price: $14.95 Special! Stock #: MR001
Miniature Telsa Coil
left_img This miniature Tesla Coil is a solid state version of a special coil invented by Nikola Tesla. A Van deGraff generator produces DC electricity and makes your hair stand on end. A Tesla Coil produces AC electricity and can light neon and fluorescent bulbs without wires! Lights Up A 4 Ft Fluorescent Tube Without Contact!!! Yet Only 11" Tall! * Super Magic Trick * Generate Plasma Pyrotechnics * Build a Small Jacobs Ladder * 12 VDC/115 VAC Operation (DC Adapter NOT included) * Make a harmless "Electric Chair" type magic trick! * Amaze your friends! Get yours today and be the most electrifying person on the block!
Price: $69.95 Special! Stock #: MTC-001
12VDC Power Supply:
12 volt DC adapter for Mini Tesla Coil
Click here for larger image
12 volt DC adapter for our Mini Tesla Coil. Style may vary slightly from picture but operation will be the same. Operate your Mini Tesla Coil without batteries. Runs off of standard 120 volt AC wall current. Plugs into wall receptacle.
Price: $14.95 Special! Stock #: DCA-001