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We carry some plants in containers ranging from one gallon to several gallons in size.

Listed below are some of the container plants we have.  We continue to add more to our inventory each season so call if you need something you don’t see listed.  We may have it or can get it for you.

With care and attention, container plants can be planted almost any time!


  • Arbovitae 'Anna's Magic Ball'
  • Arbovitae 'Filips Magic Moment'
  • Arbovitae 'North Pole'
  • Boxwood 'Sprinter'
  • Boxwood 'Welding Ring'
  • Chameaecyparis Obtusa
  • False Cypress 'Soft Serve'
  • Hinoki Cypress 'Tetragona Aurea'
  • Holly 'Castle Spire'
  • Holly 'Sky Pencil'
  • Japanese Holly 'Patti O'

  • Blueberry 'Blue Jay'
  • Blueberry 'Blue Ray'
  • Blueberry 'Legacy'
  • Blueberry 'Northland'
Japanese maples can be beautiful and happy in containers.

Their growth is slowed in a container compared to planting them into the landscape.

Some Japanese maples can grow in a container for several years while some of the faster growers will need to be transferred to the landscape sooner.
We have a vast array of Japanese maples for sale in containers ready to be planted in your pots or planted in the landscape!
  • Beni Schichihenge
  • Beni Hoshi
  • Beni Kawa
  • Bihou
  • Corallinum
  • Emerald Lace
  • Fascination
  • Goshiki Kotohime
  • Green Cascade Fullmoon
  • Kangiri Nishiki
  • Kashima Yatsubusa
  • Korean Maple
  • Kiyohime Dwarf
  • Mikawa Yatsubusa
  • Mirte
  • Orange Dream
  • Orion
  • Osakizuki
  • Palmatifolium Fullmoon Maple
  • Pine Bark Japanese Maple
  • Sunset Gold
  • Tsuma Beni
  • Ueno Hamare
  • Viridis
  • Windover
  • Beni Maiko
  • Beni Otaki
  • Bloodgood
  • Crimson Queen
  • Emperor I
  • Everred
  • Fireglow
  • Garnet Laceleaf
  • Inaba Shidare
  • O Kagami
  • Olsen’s Frosted Strawberry
  • Orangeola
  • Pixie
  • Purple Ghost
  • Red Sentinel
  • Tamukeyama

  • Beni Schichihenge
  • Hana Matoi
  • Orido Nishiki
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