Cruiser Alloy Custom Wheels & Tires
Cruiser Alloy 903MB Cake Black / Machined Wheels

Cruiser Alloy 903MB Cake
903MB Cake

Made for the street, Cruiser Alloy Wheels fashion
forward styling, smooth lines, are available for FWD
and RWD drive fitments for most of today's vehicles.
If you're looking for a great set of custom wheels for
your car, light truck, SUV or Crossover, Curiser Alloy
Wheels makes the right choice. Simple and sweet, the
Cruiser Alloy Cake Wheels puts your personality into
and onto your car!

  • Gloss Black / Machined
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Limited Availability
  • FWD sizes: 16, 17, 18"
  • RWD sizes: 20, 22,
Cruiser Alloy custom wheels can enhance the looks,
performance and value of your vehicle. If you are
looking for the perfect set of custom wheels for your
new vehicle, please check out Wayne's Wheels
for the best deal on your next set of custom wheels.

Cruiser Alloy 903MB Cake Black Wheels

Fitment Notes: 60 Degree Conical seat lugs. This wheel accepts E/T style lug nuts to provide a lug-centric installation.