From 1965, the GT350R  ...   the Mustang K Coupe  ...    to 2011, the GT350H
Walt & Chip Hane
Unrivalled Success & Fun Spanning well over 40 Years
A Great Heritage!

1965 Shelby GT350R R103, (top photo) -- Walt started racing in 1961 in Central Florida. After many successes in various vehicles, he was given the use of the R103 R Model in mid 1965. It went through a number of growing pains but did qualify for the SCCA Runoffs for National Championship in Daytona in November. During the B/P race, he worked his way up to 2nd behind Jerry Titus only to have Bob Johnson tap him back to finish 4th. He and Tech Webster Benner were given the use of the R car for 1966 by owner Randy Blessing. They continued to develop the car during the year. After many successful races, they qualified for the Runoffs in Riverside CA. After qualifying on the pole, Walt went on to win the SCCA B/P National Championship. The car changed ownership several times through 1986. Walt has had the use of the car several times since then. He and the EPS crew have worked to return it close to its 1966 configuration. Walt has driven it in a number of Vintage races including the Monterey Historics in 1997, 2003 and 2008.

1965 K Mustang, (center photo) -- After moving to Colorado, Walt purchased the K Mustang A Sedan Coupe SCCA race car in 1967. He had driven the Yeager/Johnson Mustang Coupe in the 1967 SCCA TransAm and 24 hours races at Daytona, doing well, and was favorably impressed by Sedan Racing. Walt’s car sat unused for many years until Vintage Racing came along. It was restored in early 1989, and used intermittently, do to the racing of Walt’s Shelby GT350H. The Coupe was invited twice to the Monterey Historics, running there in 1997. The car was rerestored in 2006 and started racing much more often. It has been driven very successfully by both Walt and son Chip. Chip has been racing since 1973. With the sale of the GT350H in mid 2007, the Coupe has become Chip and Walt’s primary race car. It has started winning and setting lap records as the GT350H had done.

1966 Shelby GT350H, (bottom photo) -- Walt was kind of pushed into restoring 60’s Fords for Vintage Racing by a friend in 1988. He purchased 4 Shelby GT350’s and restored 3 for customers. The 4th, he retained for himself & son Chip to race. At the Shelby American Museum annual gathering in December 1996, Steve Earl, Mr. Monterey Historics, told Walt that the Monterey Historics would feature Shelby in 1997. At that point in time, Walt’s GT350H was a bare shell. So, in the spring, the car was sent out & painted. It was then race-restored in about 2 months & finished the night before leaving for the Monterey Historics. It ran the entire weekend, finishing 4th in the all GT350 race. This was the beginning of a great 10 year racing career for the “Hertz Car”. The “Hertz Car” ran at the Historics again in 2003. This time the car ran in a Ford group of GT350s, Cobras, Sunbeam Tigers and three Daytona Coupes. The car finished ahead of all GT350s, Tigers & most Cobras. It qualified ahead of one of the Daytona Coupes which slipped by him during the race. As a result of that race, driver, Son, Chip was awarded the Rolex Award for the entire run group for “Best Presentation & Performance” by Walter Fisher, President & CEO of Rolex Watches.

The car has continued to have outstanding performance & has set lap records around the country. The car’s record is even more outstanding, considering that it is one of very few vintage race cars that have been prepared to the 1967 SCCA period rules. Walt was approached by a friend with an offer to purchase the car. Walt sold it to him in mid 2007.