EPS' Latest Fuel Cell

We are pleased to make available our latest version of the highly successful EPS Fuel Cell mainly for Mustangs, GT350s, and Falcons. The present design has constantly evolved since first being introduced in 1988. It has under gone significant improvements over the years. We feel the present version offers the utmost in total performance. We designed it, not just to hold fuel, but as a performance addition to our overall vehicle package:

-Complete drop in assembly with lines filters and pumps-
-Dual rear fuel pickups for starvation elimination-
-15 gallon Cell capacity-
-All in 38 lb. aluminum package-
-Fits Shelby, Mustang and Falcon-
-Just hook up one hose and two wires and go-
-Start with premium ATL cell approved by FIA, SCCA, USAC, etc.-
-Welded into single aluminum package-
-Cell mounted forward for maximum rear crash safety area & minimum rear swing weight-
-Mounted to right to improve corner weights-
-Vertical location to provide good ground clearance with low center of gravity-
-Basic container only 24 inches wide to reduce corner sloshing-
-Will maintain rock stable pressure through Holley regulator-

There is a complete -6 braided steel vent line assembly. This includes a feed through fitting and screen end. It is mounted high through the right trunk body panel that is hidden behind the closed deck lid. This is the same location as used on the original Shelby GT350 R models.

Cell mounted forward for forward weight bias and with safety buffer at rear behind to rear of car body. It can function as weight bias since it will run with very little fuel without starving.
That means about 90 lbs. of adjustable weight bias. This is a true performance enhancing cell. It contributes to the total performance of the vehicle.

There are several versions.

Call and let us design one for you!

This is a recent custom 22 gal fuel cell for a 1966 Shelby GT350 Rally car going to Europe. Notice the spare tire mount frame just visible at top and the rain lite in place of the fuel cap delete plate. Also, there is a fuel level pick up on the blue plate.

Here is another 15 gallon custom fuel cell with a required safety funnel that went to Tasmania.

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