The Story of Leaning to Win

At the 2002 Denver Grand Prix, someone came up to us and said, "Your car sure does lean."

Our answer was, "Your right, but did you notice it was on the pole?"

More Denver 2002 Grand Prix Lean
Qualified on the pole

Texas World Speedway - More Leans
At over 150 mph
Notice the front of the hood

Under braking

Just a little lean for the lap record!

The Texas Lean
Roy Allen in EPS-built “Blue” demonstrating
the Texas Lean or is it a Lift?
Just had to put this in.

The Monterey 2003 Leans
Chip leans Hertz Car ahead of Walt
in 1966 Championship R Model

Chip leans the R Model during Sunday practice

The New Coupe Lean

First day 12/09/06 outing at Pueblo, Colorado track for Frank McDonnell in his new EPS/Frank built Mustang. No adjustments needed. Right out of the box.

The English Lean

EPS-built K Mustang, Casper, that went to England to live & race.
They even lean over on that side of the pond.

Now that’s a winning lean!

Walt recently doing "Roll Over Test".
At Least it isn’t a Ford Explorer this time.

Florida Lean

R 103 testing before going to California and winning the 1966 SCCA B/P National Championship

The Daytona Lean

November 1965 SCCA Runnoffs
Walt in R 103 closely follows Chuck Cantwell in R 002

New EPS-built Rally/Race GT350 for Europe Race/Tests
Lean at Colorado PPIR event fall 2008