In June of 1964, Ford made a major change in the design of the V8 Falcon steering. The new design is basically the same as the '65/'66 Mustang. If your idler arm is bolted to the right frame with 3 bolts, you have old '63/early '64 Falcon style. If it is bolted with 2 bolts, you have the late '64/'65 style. All the bolt holes are already in the frame rail, so it is no problem to update.

You can use an old Mustang box. Get the power steering or HiPo box as they have 4 turns lock-to-lock for faster steering. The manual box has 5 turns. However, the Mustang box shaft is 3 inches longer than the Falcon/Comet and will have to be shortened and the column cut down. The Mustang column tube will get rid of the column switch from the Falcon. The wiring connections are the same.

You want to end up with a sector shaft of 1 inch like the Mustangs. Then you can use the Shelby long pitman & idler arms. Some '64 Falcons have a 1 1/8 inch sector shaft. The '65 Comet is exactly like the '65 Falcon.

This is information from a Falcon knowledgeable friend, but, we have not tried it yet.

Walt Hane