EPS is proud to have our rear leaf springs operating on drag race, road race & performance street Falcons around the world!

Our narrow rear leaf springs install directly on 1964 & 1965 Falcons.
Preliminary investigation shows that these springs can be adpated to the 1966 Falcon.

As shown below, it is necessary to modify the front and rear leaf spring mountings on 1963 Falcons.

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Shown below are photos of EPS' front suspension mounted on a 1963 Falcon.

We have completed front and rear suspension development for Falcons. The information and photos will be listed here soon.

Walt & Chip love Falcons and look forward to completing Walt's 1964
Falcon Sprint for Vintage racing.

Don Pike FIA Falcon Laguna Seca 1966

This is a photo from the Daytona paper in February 1967 showing a Falcon without front end running the 24-hour race, in which Walt Hane also ran.
Walt drove the Yeager/Johnson Mustang.

Two Falcons were entered. #17 Entered by Bob Johnson and driven by Don Sesslar & Tom Payne. #19 By Howmet and driven by Ray Heppenstall.
Walt remembers the #19 car and thinks it had a front end on it.

Here is Chip Hane, driving Walt's Mustang, dueling with Keith Davidson in his 1963 Falcon
at Pueblo, CO recently.

Here is Keith Davidson in his 1963 "Mighty" Falcon competing in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.
People were amazed at the performance of his stock-appearing Falcon with its little 289 engine.

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