Leaf spring suspension designs, like those found on 1960's Mustang, Falcon and Shelby GT350, do an adequate job of limiting lateral axle movement for normal street use. Lateral forces encountered during road racing, however, are strong enough to overcome the leaf spring's ability to keep the axle precisely centered under the body. The EPS Panhard Rod assembly is a fully adjustable system that eliminates lateral axle movement, and allows "tuning" the suspension by changing the roll center. This provides a crisper, more stable turn-in, allowing higher entry speed into a turn, and quicker lap times. The EPS assembly includes the Panhard Rod itself, a "Bolis" frame brace bar which adds rigidity to the unibody in the axle area, as well as all brackets and hardware needed for assembly. Our kit offers optimal strength, light weight, and high-quality rod-end mountings. The Panhard and Bolis bars are black powder coated for a durable long-lasting finish. Welding Required.

650 CFM with mini annular Booster
- A 12 hole booster for even
crisper throttle response
and better acceleration

Model 4150, jets front & rear
Choke-free milled air horn
Square bore Ford pattern
Vacuum secondary
Road race wedge type center pivot nitrophyl floats
Bowl vent whistles
See-through float level sight plugs
Secondary spring quick-change kit
Zinc Dichromate plated after milling
- High flow .110 needle & seat
- Dual feed fuel inlets selected for compatibility to customer’s fuel system
- Recalibrated fuel/air metering, three stage emulsion for better fuel curve
- Gasket surfaces trued, polished venturi
- Non stick gaskets
- Primary lever welded to shaft, not swedged, and modified as required to fit customer’s throttle system
- Each carb dyno-tested on an engine & prejetted by EPS.

- EPS carburetors feature rapid throttle response with “LAUNCH” power out of the corners.
- Although designed for small block race & street performance engines, they have performed very successfully on engines over 460 CID and 550 max horsepower.

Walt’s experience with Holley carbs dates back to his days as an Experimental Test Engineer with the Ford Motor Company in the mid 50’s. Then he worked with them again when he was racing his Shelby GT350R in the 1960’s. That is where he found out that the vacuum secondary worked so well for road racing. EPS started developing the current group of carbs in the mid 1970’s with a contract for 6 special units. The company has had a chassis dynamometer since the early 1970’s. The carbs have been steadily improved by many years of successful tuning and racing. Road racing requires smooth, crisp throttle response off the corners for better acceleration and quicker lap times. The 650 CFM carburetor size accomplished this with no power loss at upper RPMs. All of the features developed for race application are equally applicable for street vehicles. These carbs are used as part of our “LAUNCH” engine design philosophy.

Originally, “out of the box” Holley carbs of vacuum secondary design were used. These allowed tuning secondary openings for smooth accelerations. However, because these carbs were designed for street use, tuning was a compromise.
In the early 1990’s, testing was done with a “Weber plate” conversion for Holley carburetors. This was used to fine tune them. The functions that are usually fixed were totally adjustable using these plates.

EPS then contracted to have Holleys recalibrated and modified to our specifications. This resulted in our having a line of optimized High Performance Street and Road Racing carburetors. It does help to have our own chassis dynamometer.

The EPS Shelby GT350H Vintage Race car, a perennial front runner, uses these carbs exclusively, and it has won consistently and set lap records around the country.

While we have pre-jetted these carbs shipped off site, based on our experience from many engines over the years run from here to sea level, we can not guarantee that the jetting will be just right for your engine. If you run your engine too lean, you may damage it. We strongly recommend you run your car on a local chassis dyno and check the jetting.

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