Over 50 years of building and racing successful vintage road racing sports cars has taught us many lessons. Perhaps the most important of these is the fact that to be a consistent winner, all the major components of the car must work well together. To run up front, in addition to adequate power the car must have suspension and brakes that allow the car to turn, accelerate, and slow down smoothly and efficiently. A good race car gives the driver confidence that the car will do what is desired, and go where it is pointed. That lets the driver concentrate on technique rather than constantly fighting for control, and correcting undesired attitudes. Obtaining the ideal combination of power, speed, neutral handling, and maximum braking ability is the "Holy Grail" of race car preparation. Here at EPS, we have learned what works and what does not work when it comes to vintage 1960's Ford and Shelby race cars. We only sell the stuff we know actually works, and will make a noticeable improvement in the way your car performs.

"We sell what we race and race what we sell!"

While we are always happy to install any of these components onto your car here at our facility in Colorado, we also offer many of them for sale and shipment directly to you for your own installation.

We offer two product lines:

Bullet 1 Parts & assemblies developed by EPS 
EPS has developed many parts and complete assemblies from our experience working with Ford race cars spanning over 50 years.
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Bullet 1 Authorized dealer for EPS-tested supplier products 
EPS is an authorized dealer for American Racing, Moser Engineering, Motul, Red Line, Scott Drake, and TMC.

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