Labrador Retriever Stud Service in Wisconsin
from Thunder Labradors
State of Wisconsin License # 267334-DS.

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Titled black, yellow and chocolate studs available to approved females
Natural, fresh chilled and frozen

A non-refundable breeding fee of 100 is due at the time of the first natural breeding or before shipping semen. (Not applied to stud fee) The first breeding usually happens around day 11 of your female's heat cycle. We usually attempt two breedings if your female is receptive, the second being two days after the first.

Stud fees are 600 plus tax. Stud fee is due seven days after the pups are born. Four pups constitutes a litter. Stud fee is 150 per pup if you have three pups or less. Litters will not be approved if the stud fee is not paid in full.

Your female must be AKC registered and have OFA certified hips to use one of our studs. Progesterone test(s) are required to properly time the breeding of your female. A negative Brucella test is required within ten days of the first natural breeding. Get that done when you check the progesterone level. The progesterone should be checked at day seven of your female's heat cycle. Brucella tests are not needed for freshed chilled or frozen.

Hip, Eye, Elbow, and Heart Certifications
on all Thunder Labrador Stud Dogs. Studs are tested clear of EIC, CNM, PRA, DM, CY, HUU, HNPK.
dba, Thunder Labradors
We are Professional Labrador Retriever Breeders
in Southern Wisconsin.

State of Wisconsin Inspected and Licensed
AKC Inspected and Approved
All litters are AKC Registered, Full Registration

We offer a Hip, Eye, Elbow, and Heart certificate on all Thunder Labrador Stud Dogs. All studs are tested clear of EIC, CNM, PRA,

Visitors welcome, just make an appointment to meet our stud dogs. They will be happy to meet you. It is a requirement that we are the only kennel you visit on the day you visit us. Please step on our sanitation foots pads before entering the kennel.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Studs
Black Labrador Retriever Studs
Chocolate Labrador Retriever Studs

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Welcome to, dba, Thunder Labradors. Wisconsin License # 267334-DS. We started raising Labradors in 1994. The kennel is owned and operated by Richard and Mirella Spike. We are experienced chocolate, yellow and black Lab breeders in southern Wisconsin. Our kennel is located at W9167 State Road 106 in the small village of Busseyville, WI. We are 30 minutes southeast of Madison, WI, one hour west of Milwaukee, WI, and 3 hours southeast of LaCrosse, WI. Green Bay, WI, is 3 hours northeast of us. We are 50 minutes from Rockford, IL, and 1 hour 50 minutes from O'Hare in Chicago, IL. We are 5 hours southeast of Minneapolis, MN, 7.5 hours northeast of Cincinati, OH and 5.5 hours northeast of Indianapolis, IN.

All of our Stud Dogs, whether they are chocolate, yellow or black, are AKC registered and hip, elbow, heart and eye screened. Dogs are up to date on wormings, heartwormer and vaccinations. We also guarantee that your puppies will not be affected by EIC, CNM, PRA, DM, HUU, CY, HNPK. These are disorders that you want no part of. If you use our studs, no worries. We know the genetics of our dogs and there is no way genetically possible for your female to produce an affected pup from one of our studs. If you consider using someone else's stud, be sure to ask about these genetic disorders.

As professional breeders, we have been inspected by the American Kennel Club several times and we are always in "substantial compliance" with all AKC rules and regulations regarding the care of our dogs. The very first testimonial on the TESTIMONIAL page at is from the State of Wisconsin Inspector. You may visit our kennel any time with an appointment. We prefer phone calls to set appointments. Call Richard at 608-212-7799.

There is a 100 dollar non-refundable breeding fee, separate from the stud fee, at the time of the first natural breeding. We will attempt two breedings with your female if she is receptive. Usually another breeding gets done two days after the first. Progesterone testing and a negative brucella test is required to use any of our studs.

Stud fees are 600. State and county sales tax is added to the price of all stud fees. Stud fees are required 7 days after the pups are born. No litters will be approved with the AKC until the stud fee is paid in full.

Four puppies constitutes a litter. If you have three pups or less, the stud fee is 150 per pup, plus tax.

Old copy. License is current.
What is the process
to use a stud?
View our pages and if you like what you see, email and tell us. Send us an AKC pedigree for your female. Tell us of any and all health certificates already obtained. Customer pays shipping and all related expenses, if needed. We have pups living in more than thirty of the United States.

Click on the silver buttons above to go to our STUD DOG pages for stud information. There are stud dog page links at the bottom of this page also. We will not own a dog unless he/she is social and healthy with the certifications to prove it. All our dogs carry high quality pedigrees too.

Equally as important as a pup's ancestry, is the socialization he or she receives. Our socialization program is second to none and you will need to socialize your puppies too. All of our puppies go through an Early Neurological Stimulation Program. (ENS) Google "canine ENS" to learn what to do. Pups are handled daily starting at 3 days old. It makes a big difference regarding sociability. We strongly recommend you do ENS with your puppies.

Health-Tested Parents For Healthier Puppies!