Thunder's Rocky Mountain Jazztime JH

OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, OFA Normal Cardiac, CERFed.
Tested EIC and CNM Clear by Animal Genetics

Rocky JH
Rocky is the son of FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztimes Frequent Flyer and Thunder's Big Sack of Sugar. His grandparents include FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime MH, Willies Wildfire Roxanne GMHR and AFC Ten Bears Road Trip.

Rocky weighs 80 pounds and is all one could want in a Lab. Intelligent, social, heavily muscled and good looking. Loves to be scratched and loved. Not a mean hair on his hide. Rock went four for four on his Junior Hunter Title which he earned on May 19, 2012. He is capable of throwing chocolates when bred to a chocolate or chocolate-factored female.

Rocky getting his Junior Hunter Title
Titled dogs in a pup's pedigree are your best insurance policy for getting a smart, trainable pup. Here is a title and acronym legend.

JH = Junior Hunter Title
MH = Master Hunter Title
FC = Field Champion Title
AFC = Amateur Field Champion Title
NFC = National Field Trial Champion Title
NAFC = National Amateur Field Champion Title
CFC = Canadian Field Champion Title
CAFC = Canadian Amateur Field Champion Title
CNAFC = Canadian National Amateur Field Champion Title
OFA = Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (hips & elbows)
CERF = Canine Eye Registration Foundation (eyes)