• All weave services include from start to finish: Shampoo, deep conditioning and weave installation service, cut, and style. Color services for weave hair is extra.
  • Weave services do not include the hair. Hair is an extra cost. Be sure to order the hair so that it arrives in time for your scheduled appointment.
  • It is suggested you bring machine wefts. Hand tied wefts will incur an extra charge. It's best to bring good quality human hair to your appointment as the lesser quality hair tends to matte and tangle after a couple of shampoos. Good quality human hair most times can be used for multiple installs. **If you are receiving a full head weave service you must also purchase a lace or silk closure.
  • First time clients of Tamika Bell will receive the 1st Appointment Rate. For your second appointment and all other appointments your rate will be reduced to the regular rate that is given to current clients.
  • Our salon accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash, or Money Orders as payment for services
  • We are a full service salon that offers a variety of hair services. Please call for pricing.
For more information about weaves and salon policies click here


Full Weave

Sewn-in. Some of the natural hair is left out on the top, sides and or back area.


(does not include the hair)
**Prices are subject to change without notice

Full Head Weave

Sewn-in. All of natural hair is braided with no hair left out

(does not include the hair)
**Prices are subject to change without notice

Partial Weave

Sewn-in. Natural hair lies between each track.

(does not include the hair)
**Prices are subject to change without notice

Single Tracks

Perfect for adding a little color and or thickness

$50 Per Track
(in addition to cost of shampoo service, does not include the hair)
**Prices are subject to change without notice


Up to 30 minutes.


**Prices are subject to change without notice

Excessive Detangling

If hair is extremely tangled there will be a fee for excessive detangling. If it takes more than 15 minutes to detangle your natural hair or if your weave is matted and tangled and it takes extra time to detangle.

$25 per 30 minutes of detangling

**Prices are subject to change without notice

Length Check

This is for clients who don't visit the salon on a regular basis but would like to straighten, and trim their hair from time to time. We will determine your present length and also take a picture to help keep track of progress toward length goals.

$135 *excessive detangling fee may apply if hair is extremely tangled

**Prices are subject to change without notice

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