What Is A CGB
Whenever you are remodeling any size project, especially larger more complicated projects you need to be sure the person doing the work knows what he is doing. Not only do they need to know the physical demands of the particular project, but you need to be assured they know how to run their business professionally. Many contractors are excellent tradespeople but cannot run the business and in today's world you need to do both equally well.  Below I talk about two designations that point to their all around business savvy.
Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) is an exclusive professional designation earned through the educational arm of the NAHB (national association of homebuilders) designed to emphasize business and project management skills as the key to a professional building operation. The CGB designation requires that graduates meet prescribed standards of practice, including construction technology, business management, customer service, design and estimating, and marketing, along with a prescribed program of continuing education.. That you also possess a minimum of two years building industry experience, with a proven track record of successful project management, and pledge to uphold the program's code of ethics.


What Is A CGR
A CGR, certified graduate remodelor, is generally similar to a CGB with the skill set stressing remodeling knowledge.
The CGR requires that you have a minimum of 5 years experience in the remodeling field. Take the PREP exam and complete the required courses required by the PREP results, and adherence to the CGR code of ethics.
Areas of study are marketing and sales, business administration, design, estimating, and job cost, contracts liability and risk management and project management.
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