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Teletraining Courses


Teletraining is an additional training medium of EZ-NetTools that compliments our other training resources: EZ-NetU, EZ-NetAdvantage, EZNetHelp, and Technical Support via phone, chat, or email. One of the advantages of Teletraining is that it can be customized to the specific needs of the student. We provide a general outline of course material, but the student can determine the areas to emphasis. The EZ-NetTools Technical Support staff are the trainers.

While most of our other training resources are included as part of your other fees, there will be a charge for Teletraining because the training is completely dedicated to one student.

Technical Support versus Teletraining

Since the teletrainers are also our technical support staff, you may wonder what the difference between calling free technical support versus paid teletraining. We recognize that there is a fuzzy line between the two. Generally we use the following guidelines:

  • Technical support is problem solving, responding to a specific question, and usually of short duration. An example would be, "How can I create multiple price points for a product?"
  • Teletraining is education, therefore more comprehensive and generally involves an extended conversation. An example would be, "How do I set up a basic catalog?"

Teletraining Must Be Scheduled

Teletraining sessions must be scheduled in advance to coordinate your schedule and the schedule of the trainer. While we expect that most training sessions will occur during normal business hours, special arrangements can be made for evening and Saturday sessions depending on the availability of the trainers. Contact Technical Support at 1-800-627-4780, support@eznettools.com, or www.eznettools.com to set up an appointment.

Fees and Payment Arrangements.

Charges for teletraining are for an hour and pricing can be found here www.eznettools.com. Payment will be required before appointment is scheduled. We will initiate the call so there will be no phone charges for the student.

Course Length

Generally, we try to arrange the courses to last between one and two hours. After an hour of training, we find that both student and trainer are exhausted and the effectiveness of the training diminishes. If more depth is desired, we will suggest breaking the course into segments.

Course Descriptions

We have prepared course descriptions for some teletraining courses. Over time we will add additional course descriptions. These course descriptions are only guidelines. We will adjust the topics to meet your individual needs. If you do not see a course that meets your needs, we could develop a customized course for you.

We have included Teletraining course along with our catalog of other courses in EZ-NetU. Teletraining courses will be clearly marked by the image to the right.

Click here to see the Teletraining courses that have been defined.

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