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Selling Tips
When selling a home you need to make it attractive to get the most out of it. Follow these suggestions:

(TIP)..Tidy up the grounds, porches and garage. Keep lawn trimmed and edged. Make sure that your yard is clean.

(TIP)..Your front door gives a vital first impression. Be sure it is scrubbed and repainted if necessary.

(TIP)..Dress up windows - wash windows and clean/dust window coverings.

(TIP)..If any decorating is needed (especially the kitchen) do it now!$20.00 worth of paint may save you money in the sales price. Bathrooms help sell homes. Make this room sparkle.

(TIP)..Keep all steps clear of hazards.

(TIP)..Don't forget to have all light sockets filled with bulbs. Illumination is like a welcome sign. The potential buyers will feel a glowing warmth when you turn on all your lights for a showing, day or evening.

(TIP)..Wash dishes, put away clothes, straighten up newspapers, etc.

(TIP)..Make up beds with attractive spreads.

(TIP)..Keep pets out of the way when showing. Many people are allergic to animals.

(TIP)..Avoid having too many people present during inspections. The potential buyer will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the house. Do not allow children to tag along on the visitor's tour.

(TIP)..Leave the showing to the salesperson. The salesperson knows the buyer's requirements and can best emphasize the features of your home. (Leave the property if possible.)
(TIP)..Don't discuss anything concerning the sale with a potential customer. Let your RealtorŪ discuss price, terms, possession and other factors concerning the sale. Your RealtorŪ is qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.

(TIP..Never apologize for appearance. It either distracts or accentuates the problem.

(TIP)..Pack valuables now and store extra furniture and knick-knacks.

(TIP)..Ask your RealtorŪ for specifics on how to prevent work orders, such as earth-wood contact, vents, etc.

(TIP)..Look at your property objectively. Pretend you're seeing it for the first time through a buyer's eyes. Remember - we only have one chance to make a good first impression.
Overpricing Dangers
Since an appraisal is required in financing a property, it's futile to price a property for more than it's won't appraise!

Most buyers are comparison shopping and looking at your home may convince them to make an offer on a different property.

Many potential buyers won't even look at an overpriced home, thinking it's out of their price range.

Properties left on the market for extended periods of time usually become "shop-worn," causing buyers to believe something is amiss.

Overpricing tends to dampen the other Real Estate agents' attitudes, making it less likely to be shown.

Overpricing lengthens marketing time and invariably results in a lower selling price than would have otherwise been obtained.