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The Class of 1974

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1966 & 1968 Class Photographs

When Brigham Young High School was unexpectedly closed at the end of the 1967-1968 school year, its Class of 1974 was in the Sixth Grade. Had the venerable old high school stayed open, this class would have graduated in the 98th year, since Brigham Young Academy welcomed its first class in January of 1876.

The Class of 1974 completed Sixth Grade on what is now the Academy Square campus, then had to seek their secondary education elsewhere.

Nevertheless, we honor those students, and they are invited to consider themselves Brigham Young High School alumni.

We will try to identify the students in each photograph -- please help us to correct errors, and send in names of those who are not yet listed. Send corrections by email to the BYH website at

BYH Class of 1974 in 1966
(L to R) First Row: Mr. Vermont C. Harward, Principal; Lisa Hatch; Todd Williams; Patti Hansen; David _____; Ellen Pulver; Kim Stewart; Becky Brown.
Second Row: Craig Jonsson; MalaRee Murdock; Debra Murdock; John Harrison.
Third Row: Merle McKinnon; Debra Larson; Lewis Larsen; Georganne "Gigi" Ballif; Lynn Alley; Tim Hofheins; ElRay Christiansen; Terrel Bywater.
Fourth Row: Randy Peterson; Steve Bown; Craig Young; Kelly Monson; Martha Trunnell; Klein Nelson; Kevin Kezerian.
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BYH Class of 1974 in 1968.
The Class of 1974

(L to R) First Row: Mr. Milo Kay Campbell, Principal; Mr. Leland S. Knight, Teacher; Darlene Olsen; Kelly Monson; Debra Murdock; Randy Peterson; Ellen Pulver; Stephen Bown.
Second Row: Timothy Hofheins; Joan Layton; Lynn Alley; Becky Brown.
Third Row: Kim Stewart; Terrel Bywater; Lewis Larsen; Debra Ann Larson; John Harrison; Rosemary Laycock.
Fourth Row: Mark Moses; Todd Williams; ElRay Christiansen; Patti Hansen; Lisa Hatch.
Fifth Row: Martha "Marti" Trunnell; Merle McKinnon; John Olsen; Beth Burton; MalaRee Murdock; Alan Young.
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