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Block Toolbar

Block Toolbar: This is an expanded version of the Block Manager found in EZ-PageBuilder™. The Toolbar goes far beyond the Block Manager, which adds, edits and deletes. The Toolbar includes all these features as well as 4 new features: Move up, Move down, Move, and Copy. It also appears on the top left hand corner of every block, which speeds up the building process and provides direct access to modify any block.

The layout of the Block Toolbar:

Add: This works exactly like the add function provided in the Block Manager.

  1. Click on the plus symbol of the block you want to add after or before of.
  2. Select the type of block you desire as well as it’s position; after or before the block you clicked on which is called the “reference block”.
  3. You also have a chance to change this reference block to a different block by selecting a new reference block in the “Block” drop down menu.
  4. When the options are selected how you want them click on the submit button.

Edit: This symbol represented by a small pencil opens up the editing window for a block. Just click on the pencil icon inside the block you wish to edit and the editing window will open.

Move Up: Move Up is a new feature which will move the current block in which you have clicked the up arrow in, up one block. The block immediately above the selected block will move down to take its place. If the block you have selected is the highest block then the Move Up arrow will not be present.*

Move Down: Similar to Move up, this feature will move a block down to take the place of the block immediately below it. The block below will move up to take the place of the block being moved. If the block you are attempting to move is the lowest block on the page then the arrow will still be present, and the page will refresh, but no blocks will have moved.*

*Special Considerations for the using the move feature with the Layout Manager: If the block you are moving is directly above or below a layout manager and you move the block towards the layout manager the block will be moved INTO the layout manager and not above or below. This will be particularly confusing if the layout is of column format because the block will appear as the first column or last in the layout and can alter the appearance of your column layout such as making it too wide or shifting the positions of the blocks. As you continue to move the block down it will travel through the layout according to it’s number. For instance in a column layout; if block 1.3 is on the right of block 1.2 which is being moved down, instead of the block physically going down the page it will move to the right to take the place of block 1.3. Also Remember the layout manger uses positions instead of blocks to set the background color. So when blocks are moved the background color stays stationary and will not move with the block it was originally placed behind.

Move: Move allows you to move a block to any location on a page. The icon with 4 arrows represents it.

  1. Click on this icon within the block you want to move in order to move it.
  2. The move page will appear and you can select the block you want to move after or before of (the reference block)
  3. Select if you would like to move after or before the reference block.
  4. When you have selected the options you desire click on the submit button. Remember the same Layout Manager considerations apply to this move tool as the Move up and Move down features.

Copy: Create an exact duplicate of any block and place it anywhere on the page. Copied blocks can even be placed on other pages. This is a great tool for speeding up your work. For instance a global navigation sidebar can be added to your site by simply copying your sidebar to every page instead of having to create it on every page. To use the tool:

  1. Click on the Copy icon (represented by 2 documents ) in the block you want to copy.
  2. The copy window will appear.
  3. The page you are copying to will appear after the File label. To change this page use EZ-Browse to select a new file. When a new file is selected the block list will also change to match that page.
  4. Select the reference block you would like to use.
  5. Select if you would like to move before or after the reference block.
  6. Once all these options are as you would like them click on the submit button and a duplicate version of the block you copied will now appear in the location you specified. Again the same Layout Manager considerations that applied to the Move features apply here.

Delete: Click on this icon represented by the red x within a block to the delete that block from your web page. Once a block is deleted it is unrecoverable.


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