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eCom Merchant Solutions
While EZ-NetTools provides a complete solution for web building and hosting of an e-commerce web site, an important component was missing. A merchant account and a credit card gateway are also required. Since we do not provide these services, our customers were forced to find them in a marketplace with many charlatans and complex details. Our objective is to make it easy to get an e-commerce web site up. To that end, we have spent the last year (2002) trying to find vendors that we could recommend. In our search, we found that size was not always an asset. We finally found a few, smaller firms who cared about their customers enough to make sure that they were successful. eCom Merchant Solutions is one of those firms.

eCom Merchant Solutions: A Background
eCom Merchant Solutions was founded by Kristie Smith in 1997, responding to the demand for Internet credit card processing. Her background in customer service and sales has brought eCom Merchant Solutions to the forefront of the merchant service arena, where it continues to thrive. Her goal, and the goal of her capable representatives, is to continue serving this industry by providing an informed, clear picture of online payment processing to our Internet merchants, and insuring their future growth through the products that we offer. She provides services to both large and small customers, a perfect match for EZ-NetTools.

Services Provided
eCom Merchant Solutions provides merchant accounts and/or credit card gateway services. They are a reseller for Authorize.net, the largest credit card gateway service. You can obtain either service or both services from them. The turn around time to set up a merchant account is typically 24 hours. Setting up an Authorize.Net account takes even less once the merchant account is activated.

Fee Schedule
Sign up fee for BOTH merchant account and Authorize.net gateway.
One Time Sign up fee
Sign up fee for EITHER Merchant Account or Authorize.net gateway, individually.
One Time Sign up fee
Monthly fees - Merchant account
Per transaction
Statement fee
Monthly minimum
2.5 %
Monthly fees - Authorize.net Gateway
Per transaction
Gateway access

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