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Arba       info@atlantaweddingideas.com 3-7-2007 11:23 AM
My website has over 2700 EZ-Directory listings. It is also highly ranked in the search engines for my target market. The Premium listings are used only for advertisers that are in my printed magazine because they pay for it. I get a lot of requests from businesses that are willing to pay for a Standard listing if there was a link to their website.

There isn't any purpose to having a business listing without website links. I've submitted this suggestion several times but I'm told it's a low priority. I even found an easy fix if the Address 2 field allowed more characters, I could type the a href code.

Since no one else ever requested this change, I had to go elsewhere. I finally became an affiliate with another company and share their business directory. I make money on a percentage of the people that pay for website links. I would rather use my own directory and make all the money!

If anyone else agrees that EZ-Directory could be more profitable by adding website links to the Standard listings, please comment.

Here's a link to my old EZ-Directory: http://www.atlantaweddingideas.com/directory.html
connie       connie@peakadvantage.com 3-7-2007 6:32 PM
You said, "I even found an easy fix if the Address 2 field allowed more characters, I could type the a href code."
Could you do this in the description area?

Ex Cake Decorator turned Web Designer.
Hard to bake at 9760 ft' El.
connie       connie@peakadvantage.com 4-6-2007 10:55 AM
Re: my previous post above; It would make sense to me that if support is reviewing our posts, that you would not add information that is not correct or is misleading.
I am not 100% familiar with the directory and as Arba pointed out to me the description is not included in the standard listing so this would not fix his problem.
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