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stacy       sheath@looknc.com 8-8-2005 3:00 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best remedy a problem when viewing website in firefox.
Keith       ken@waycooltechnical.com 8-12-2005 9:54 PM
Depends on a number of things. I've found that if you stay with EZNettool you should be OK. If you've done any hard coding, HTML or CSS, you'll run into problems. Problems that can be fix with a valid DOCTYPE of which EZNettools doesn't support, to the best of my knowledge.

What problems are you having?
Frank DAgostino       frank@cccol.net 8-14-2005 04:25 AM
What problem are you refencing? I use firefox while in eznettools. Specifically I do not have the problems as with IE while in pagebuilder.

I create the page for viewing with IE as most of the world uses it.

Firefox has some problems with java script.

Lonnie Ellerbee       support@cajunwebcreations.com 8-15-2005 05:47 AM
I use firefox and complete love this system. Since I started using it I had not had any problems with pops, virus and such. What seems to be the problem you are having.
Connie       connie@peakadvantage.com 8-28-2005 12:21 PM
Support advised using firefox when my advanced text blocks had to be refreshed 3-4 times to load right. It worked great but all other fonts on the site(simple text and titles) turned into font 1 arial black. What's the deal with that? I gave up and went back to IE.
Brent       bcope16@yahoo.com 1-5-2006 1:48 PM
The only site that FireFox will render incorrectly, is a site that either uses Microsoft only code, or is a flawed site.

It's more secure than IE, and has better features than IE. It's sad that they have only been around for a few years, and are already light years ahead of a company that's been around for 10+ years.

Reguardless of which software you use, please check for updates frequently.
Tyler - EZ-NetTools TechSupport       support@eznettools.net 9-12-2007 2:10 PM
Browser statistics as of July 2007

w3schools.com browser statistics information.

2007 IE7 20.1%
July IE6 36.9%
IE5 1.5%
Fx 34.5%
Moz 1.4%
S 1.5%
O 1.9%

IE=Internet Explorer
Fx=Firefox (identified as Mozilla before 2005)
Moz=The Mozilla Suite (Gecko, Netscape)
S=Safari (and Konqueror. Both identified as Mozilla before 2007)
N=Netscape (identified as Mozilla after 2006)
AOL America Online (based on both Internet Explorer and Mozilla)
Tyler - EZ-NetTools TechSupport       support@eznettools.net 9-12-2007 2:15 PM
Firefox is way more secure we recommend using it as a main web browser here is the link to their download site.

Do not download other Firefox programs unless you know about them as some have been created to hack and distribute viruses. Only use official and confirmed web browsers. Ask us in support if you do not know.

For designers and web builders we recommend using Firefox when it comes to our tools but ie. 6 and 7 should work fine but if you have other programs or software interfering it may not work well. You should preview your site in all major browsers including: ie.7, ie.6, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Aol, and Safari.
Tyler - EZ-NetTools TechSupport       support@eznettools.net 11-27-2007 10:21 AM
Firefox restores the last session if the the browser is not closed properly this includes if the machine is suddenly shut down or the power goes out. It will restore whatever you were doing not just bring you to the page you were last on. An example would be if you were typing an email and the power went out Firefox will restore your email so you can continue and send the email when you are finished. This is a great feature for businesses and especially for web designers.
Ryan       ryanj@starpointemarketing.com 11-28-2007 08:00 AM
This is usually the case, although you'd be good to go to "Tools > Options > Main" and then set "When Firefox starts" to "Show my windows and tabs from last time". This will help ensure that Firefox restores your session each time you start it up.
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