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Frank       frank@cccol.net 3-2-2005 2:10 PM
Anyone having any luck with SEO Software. I have tested a few this week and my head is spinning more now than befor I started.

Any info would be graetly appreciated.



Chuck Griffis       chuckgriffis@comcast.net 5-10-2005 4:21 PM
IMO, anything to do with selling of seo anything is bad, and akin to buying snake oil. The best seo strategy is content. Google states this in their webmaster section. Just build and honest, to goodness content site, that has a real purpose, and the googlebot (and others) will do the rest!
Steve       9-22-2005 8:16 PM
I have been successful with WebPosition's services and Wordtracker.
SEO is an industry to itself. For those that spend the time and energy, it can pay great dividends. It does take time and effort. I have personally cornered a couple of keywords on Google. "dance moves" and "hip hop dancing". If you get pfunkonline.com or urban-dance-videos.com, that's me. I have worked hard and the payoff has been great.

Good Luck
Tyler - EZ-NetTools TechSupport       support@eznettools.net 9-12-2007 1:46 PM
We use Web Position 4 Below are links to their site with package information and features and benefits.

Any customer who pays for SEO and Keyword Analysis will have the benefits of this program we use to submit their site to search engines and much much more!!
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