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John       jknoelk11.6@gmail.com 2-26-2009 10:51 AM
Have a couple questions to post for the masses to amswer.
1. I have a client who I am designing a site for and he wants ongoing maintanence, monthly or bi monthly changes. What is the best way to structure that kind of agreement?
2. Does anyone charge to install Google analytics and how much?
Connie       connie@peakadvantage.com 2-27-2009 11:43 AM
We charge our base monthly hosting fee + our hourly rate per month. We call it hosting and maintenance. If the maintenance goes over 1 hr we bill them for 15 min increments. 50% of our customers opt for this option and most never or seldom make changes. The hours are not retroactive, however after a couple years some decide on a whole new design and we give them credit for a few of those hrs. depending on the size of the new project. We do have 2 sites that actually use the full amount of the service and sometimes more.
I would also be interested in hearing someones response to your question #2
John Knoelk       jknoelk11.6@gmail.com 3-3-2009 10:43 AM
Thanks for responding Connie. I like your option.
As Connie said would love to hear more responses. Helping each other be all we can be is what we are called to do.
Kathy Frank       kathy.frank@godsdomainwebdesign.com 3-13-2009 11:22 AM
I have an option for my clients to choose from a per hour basis or an annual (or monthly) basis depending on the frequency of known updates. If they know some of the typical changes over the course of a year, it's a flat rate. Usually this is cheaper for the customer as they are kinda of discounted for paying ahead. This, however, is effective for those who know in advance and require only minor updates. If updates cannot be expressed, then we charge hourly, also in 15 minute increments.

We currently charge clients $20.00 for a setup of Google Analytics. Obviously, Google charges nothing for the service, so we don't. But setting up the account includes a brief explanation and run through of the dashboard. Now, though, EZNET has simplified this by adding the ID field for the analysis which makes the set up that much easier.
I hope this helps.
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