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Ryan       ryanj@starpointemarketing.com 11-17-2006 11:35 AM

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have recently come together to develop a standard protocol for submitting sitemaps. There is an api available from Google through their webmaster tools. Please look into incoporating this tool into the tools (i.e.- including a link in the control panel that lets us download a sitemap...maybe even submit it).

What do you other developers think?

Ryan J
Joseph West       joseph@eznettools.com 11-17-2006 11:52 AM
This is a very good and timely suggestion. As we considered the requirements for maintaining site maps, we realized that it would be much more convenient to maintain these files online rather than continuing to upload them. Hence, we decide to create EZ-TextEditor first, which was introduced yesterday. We are currently working on the next step, adding to the tools to automatically generate the site map file itself.
Tyler - EZ-NetTools TechSupport       support@eznettools.net 5-4-2007 3:08 PM

Page Builder

- Sitemap options under File->Page Options.
- Include or exclude page.
- Priority ranking between low and high.
- The radio buttons correspond to 0.0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0.
- Modification frequency.
- Last modification date is obtained from the server.

User File

- Named EZSitemapOverrides.txt and in the home directory.
- Each line starts with a �-� for removing, a �+� for overwriting and
adding, or any other symbol to be ignored.
- Next the line needs to have a url relative to the user's home directory
(with a leading slash).
- An �*� may be used as a wildcard character.
- If the command given is �-� (remove) no more information is required on
that line.
- Otherwise the url can be followed by a priority, change frequency, and
last-modification date (separated by commas).
- The priority can be a value between 0.0 and 1.0 (e.g. 0.3, 0.7, etc.)
- The change frequency can be any of the following, always, hourly, daily,
weekly, monthly, yearly, or never.
- The last-modification date must be in the format of YYYY-MM-DD.
- If the information is not correct it will still be put into the final
- The priority, change frequency, or last-modification date can be left
out (leaving the two commas next to each other) and the script will assign
a default value.
- The priority doesn't have a fixed default value. The script assigns one
according to the name of the file.

Example user file.
+/directory/file.ext,1.0,always,12/25/2006 (add or overwrite file)
+/directory/*.ext,0.6,weekly,01/15/2007 (overwrite files)
-/file.ext (remove file)
-/directory/file.* (remove files)
#/directory/file.ext (line ignored)

Search Engine Submission

- Using the search engines' sitemap submission tool enter one of the
following urls

http://abc.eznettools.net/D account/X account/ezsitemap.xml

- If the sub-domain name or the account numbers are used then only the
.html - page urls will be in the sitemap.
- These urls can bring up the sitemap in a browser as well.
- The sitemap should be accepted by Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Things To Know

- The urls in the sitemap should reflect the same domain name that was
used to access it.
- Files in password protected directories shouldn't show up in the sitemap.
- Hidden or system files shouldn't show up in the sitemap.
- Pages that come from tools the user doesn't have access to shouldn't
show up in the sitemap.
- The sitemap should cap itself at 50,000 urls.
- Don't try more than a 1,000 urls through a browser.
- If the catalog or directory haven't been used then no urls should show
up from these tools respectively.
- Urls for hidden categories shouldn't show up.
- Urls for products that are unlisted or only listed in hidden categories
shouldn't show up.
- The directory provides the urls A-Z for two of its scripts, dispCat.cgi
and dispAssoc.cgi.
- Unless otherwise directed the priority for .html files is determined by
what words are in the name

index.html � 1.0, home.html � 0.9, service � 0.8, etc.

- This is a list of all of the words, index.html, home.html, service,
product, about, catalog, faq, policy(ies), gallery, and photo.
- The default priority (most of the time) is 0.5.
- The default date is the date of when the script is run.
All times are MT (US).
All dates are in Month-Day-Year format.
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