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Dan       boomindan@sbcglobal.net 6-6-2006 10:17 PM

It's always been my contention that EZ-Net simply provides the best overall package for any business or entity looking to achieve success online. I first became involved after a Dot Com Solutions seminar at a Milwaukee airport hotel. I believe the year was 1999 and you too were a new addition to the ICServ Family.

The inception of the web was still fresh and ICServ was an innovator in the ASP industry. At the time the extent of my internet prowess consisted of clumsy, slowly typed, conversations in these crazy places called "chat rooms".

When someone discussed spam they were more than likely referring to a processed meat product in a tin can manufactured by Hormel. "Phishing" involved a rod, reel, water, and an ability to exaggerate actual facts.

I fully understand the toll from people with malicious intent who have poisoned our internet with these tactics. EZ-Net is to be commended in their continuing efforts in battling such scourge.

I wanted to mention all this before getting to your question Joseph. It's very important to me that my intentions are known. The Tools as they are today could not be a better value.

I use them extensively and there's been many a time where I've wished they were able to do something not within their current capabilities.

Truth be told, I can't begin to tell you how many times I wished the Tools could do something and then, as if by magic, all of a sudden they've been upgraded and now do what I had wanted.

I could drop $350k on a Rolls Royce Phantom and think I have everything in a car I'll always need or have ever wanted. Inevitably, as time goes by, I'll maybe wish the seat could go back a little further. Or perhaps the windshield wipers provided more timed intervals. Or the steering wheel ergonomics were a bit more fitting to my particular driving patterns.

The bottom line is that I'm driving what's considered by many as one of the best automobiles in the world. I believe EZ-Net to be the Rolls Royce of it's kind.

That being said and rambling aside, I'll move to address your question. I would support any effort on ICServ's part to make available a more comprehensive hit counter. Whether an in-house design or by implementing an outside vendor's product into the Tools.

Cutting and pasting source into the Head Code shouldn't be a problem for most. I would suggest making it only available on the higher end accounts or as a stand alone feature that can be added for a monthly fee. I'll also add that I'd be more than happy to participate in any beta testing.

You sound as if you have a project in the works or at least on the drawing board. If so, would you care to share any intentions? I'm not saying a full blown EZ-Net official announcement but perhaps the commenting on current ideas being tossed around.

I'm willing to help any way I can. The Tools have been a wonderful supplemental income over the years and I have a vested interest in their continued success.

Thanks and I look forward to your reply.
Joseph       joseph@eznettools.com 6-12-2006 08:50 AM
Dear Ryan,

We will give some thought to partnering with some of these other vendors. However, we will proceed cautiously because we have had a few problems in the past.

Joseph       joseph@eznettools.com 6-12-2006 08:18 AM
Dear Dan,

Our plans for system enhancements for the new future are pretty fluid right now. The majority of last year was spend developing a major enhancement to the catalog system. Undertaking a project of that size consumed the bulk of our programming resources for a long time. As a result a number of smaller projects were put on hold, resulting in pent up demand.

You have seen and will continue to see a new emphasis this year because of an underlying change in our marketing approach. EZNetTools was developed as a wholesale set of tools so that people could form web based businesses. Until the year 2000, the bulk of our business was sold that way by HB Solutions, dba Dot Com Solutions. After we dissolved our business relationship with them, our wholesale sales have been disappointing. Since 2004, EZNetTools, began to seriously market the end businesses, that is to retail. We have become pretty successful at selling retail Those of our customers who are resellers can read about what we have been doing in previous reseller issues of EZ-NetAdvantage. Consequently, we have evolved into a web development company as well as a hosting and software company.

As a result of that change, we are using our own EZNetTools more and more ourselves. In an effort to become more efficient at building web site, we have recently made a number of enhancements to EZ-PageBuilder. I anticipate that we will continue make those changes that will meet the following two demands. First, what will make it easier to efficiently develop web sites. Second, what features will make it easier to sell web sites. For the next little while, you can expect enhancements that will meet those demands and that can be completed in a relatively short time without the expenditure of a lot of programming resources.

While you may not agree with the pace nor the selection of the enhancements we are making, the driving force behind what we are doing should be similar to most of our customers.
Wanda Majkol       wmajkol@newcontech.com 6-26-2006 4:27 PM
I have had my accounts for several years, with a large investment. I must agree that watching your resource

“Global International” a web site business that I really liked until they started to get an itch and started expanding too much and to fast. They ended up leaving all of theirs customers in the creek without a prattle treading water. OUT OF BUSINESS!

“Burgess LaMont” Wholesalers of distressed merchandise.
They sent fax of out 3 to 6 items to their members everyday, which had very good prices. We setup our customers sell how ever we wanted to, but moved fast. Just as I was getting all of my customers in a neat row and doing well they started to expand too much and to fast. Opps, OUT OF BUSINESS! Leaving all of there people that had paid good money to get into the business, going down the drain.

“Water Gel” and “Burn Free Pain Relieve Gel”
These products were VERY good and stopped the progression of burn injury fast. I was promoting like mad and had lots of demo appointments set up with Fire, Ambulance Services, Rescue Departments and Doctors and their staff. With a lot of excellent feed back. Builders in construction, Roofers that use hot products ect were sending their friends to us for orders. It happened again they just faded away .

“Color Change Themochromic Products”
Their great products were new and eye catching also, 20# and 24# bond paper, business card stock, Tee Shirts that would be yellow and turn to another color, pictures designs that would change color body heat or sun would cause the two different types of product to change color. After 7 or 8 years they still change color. The company just faded away.

Would you please Do NOT over extend your resourses. I am getting to darn old to keep trying to find a new business and starting over.

I am setting up new websites again and this is good info on the free counter at Google. Thanks,

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